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Implantation or Period????????????

I got my Af on Jan. 31st. Had sex on 13,14, and 15th perfect acording to the ovulation predictor..... Well On sun. Feb. 26th ( 2 days before AF is due) I began to bleed. Now i have read alot about this implantation bleeding, but not sure if that is what I experienced. Very dark blood ( sorry for TMI) the first day coming down, thought I came on :( But then the next day the blood only passed in my urine. same thing on Tuesday. Today there is NO bleeding at all. Is this normal? I took a preg test only to get BFN was that implantation and would I have had to wait to test if it was? Tested again yesterday BFN.....  Should I assume this was just an abnormal AF?
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I hate to say it but I don't think you're pg because you're now 2 days late and are getting bfns. If it was implantation bleeding 4 days ago, it would have been enough time for hcg to build up to give you a + result on hpt. I hope I'm wrong, but just giving you my opinion. If you're not convinced, go to the doc and have him do a blood pg test.
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I read that about the 4 day thing, and is it 4 days after the bleeding or 4 days from the time it starts?
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It actually takes 2 days from implantation for hcg to build up enough to show + on HPT so I would assume that the bleeding would follow implantation so if you had impantation bleedfing 4 days ago, then you would probably have gotten a bfp by now. Of course, this is just my opinion but if your gut is telling you that you're pg, just go to the doc and get a blood test.
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hey - that is the SAME EXACT THING going on with me!!!  and i've had a little bit of cramping - i think the bleeding has finally stopped (though it was mainly just in the urine after a day or so)  -  i had a BFP test before this though (tested early with first response) so yesterday i went to the doctor for a blood test just because i don't trust the store bought right now --- i'd get the blood test!!!

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I found this calculator could this be? Maybe I ovulated late and it's just too early to test?

First Day of Last Menstrual Period:   MM/DD/YYYY Format
Average Length of
cycle: 28 days
Average Luteal Phase* Length:    10    
Estimated Ovulation: 3/18/2006    
Estimated Due Date: 11/7/2006          
Estimated Fetal Age:  3weeks 5 days
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If your LP is 10 days and you Oed on the 18th then you are, exactly as your said at the begining of your post 4 days late. Are you sure your LP is only 10 days? If it were 14 days (more average) than what you experienced may have very well been implant bleeding and perhaps you did test too early. Why don't you just get the blood test?
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