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Implants & breastfeeding

I was wondering if anyone had any personla experience of or knew of any websites or anywhere where I can get more info on breastfeeding and breast implants. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and have implants (over the muscle) but need more info before I can make any decision to breastfeed. I have already got 4 children (all breastfed) and have had my implants a couple of years, so this is all new to me. I'm hoping it will still be possible, I'm usually leaking by now but so far not a thing...

Thanks in advance,

Ruth xx
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To my knowledge, you really need to discuss this w/the surgeon that put your implants in.  Did he cut any milk ducts?  Did he put them in from under the arm, the aerola?  I would highly suggest contacting him, as he would be your best source of information on your particular case.  Not all 'boob jobs' are done the same.  Good for you for getting them, I'm still working up the courage, and wonder if I'll ever get there.  
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Why is it "good for you for getting them?" I am just curious. I wanted them for a little while then realized that I am happy with what I have naturally. I was obviously going through a "low self esteem" phase. Why would you risk an invasive surgery for a pair of boobs? Don't you think if you were meant to have them, god would've given them to you? Not to mention you have to replace them because they don't last forever?? It seems to me that everyone I have met that got them have a low self esteem and aren't happy with themselves. Why can't we love ourselves anyway? I understand getting them if you had breast cancer and lost your breasts, but getting them for no reason except you want bigger boobs is crazy! I am not trying to offend anyone, this is just my opinion.
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It depends on the type of incisions that you have. A friend of mine had one incsion under the breast one one "lollipop" or "smile" incisons around the aereola. She was unable to BF from the lollipop side, which is common with that type of incision.

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Does it matter why she wanted/got them?  That wasn't her question...her question was about breastfeeding...It's none of mine (or anyone else) business why she got them...if it made her feel better about herself then that was a great decision for her.  
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I understand personal opinions.  BUT, they have their own place in an open discussion forum when someone is seeking it.  This post was created asking a legitimate question and it deserves to be treated so.  You should not judge or barrade someone for a PERSONAL decision.  I also have breast implants and have a baby on the way, I was very curious as to others answers or expieriences on this topic. I felt your post was in poor taste and offensive.    

RuthiePee, I have wondered the same thing.  I talked with my Dr about it and she says it ultimately up to me, but like you, I would love some experienced advice and insight.
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Hi thanks for your replies mine were under the breast scars and my surgeon seems to think there will be no problem, as I didn't have any complications and they weren't inserted around the areola. I'm just trying to get more info to prepare myself just in case there was any nerve injury (unlikely I'm told).
Stefanie714, thanks for your opinion and I'm glad you are happy with your body-  so am I :).
had breastfed 4 children, lost lots of fullness in my breasts from losing alot of weight at weight watchers and my breasts had always been a bit uneven. When I had an unexpected windfall I treated myself and I'm really pleased with the results. I made sure I found the best surgeoun I could and so far I haven't had any problems with them, in fact I think they are great.  I know that I'll probably need a future op but I was made fully aware of that when I made the decision to have them done.

Ruth xx
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I have breat implants as well and have already had them redone once.  I got them cause I wanted them.  That's all there is to it.  I now wish I could have them taken out though.

Anyway - that website that mslkpage gave you is good to read.  It gives you alot of info.  I would also check with your doctor as well just to be safe.  I'm having twins, so I've got questions and need to follow up as well.

Good luck.
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Like I said I wasn't trying to offend anyone! But when you post on the internet for everyone to read, someone will always have an opinion. There is nothing wrong with that. My comment was actually based on the fact that someone congratulated her on getting them, like she is some kind of saint or something. That was kind of weird to me (again my opinion I AM allowed to have) I am glad her question was answered.
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My sister's surgeon put hers behind the muscle wall "so if she wanted to bf she could". I'm not really sure about over. But, since you checked with the surgeon, they should know. Best wishes.
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I have them under the muscle. I asked my surgeon when I had them done if I would be able to bf in the future. He said definitely yes. I don't know if under/over muscle makes a difference.
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I looove my implants. I breastfed w/ no problems. Plus no sagging afterwards- right back to firm, round boobs. I think these days the MD"s take it in to consideration that most women want to at least have the option to breastfeed and have their implants. If you decide to do it, you should have no problems at all.
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Even if it is under the muscle it does not mean you can breastfeed.  I have them under the muscle and I could not breastfeed and they did not do it around the aereola.  They say they are not sure if it was because of the implants or not but I think it was because my daughter my milk came in.  My milk really never came in.  If I could go back I would not have gotten them because I missed out breastfeeding my son.

Mine were also under the breast scars just because someone else could do it does not mean you can. I posted the same and was happy because I thought I could prepare yourself for both cases because I became deeply depressed.  Good Luck
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I would love breast implants, but DH wont let me get them.
Plus I am a little scared about getting something foreign put in my body.

I know after this baby its gona be slim pickens on top.
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Thanks all, I think it's just a wait & see what happens thing.
From the info from that link, a few others I've found and all of your experiences I'm pretty hopeful now I will be able to but it won't be the end of the world if I can't.
I will let you know how it all goes in a few months time!
Ruth xx

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Im a new mommy so I don't know, after breastfeeding do you breast get smaller?  If you don't breastfeed does it change your breast or just if you breastfeed?  Thanks!
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Yes if you breastfeed most woman find their breasts are smaller after.
If you dont breastfeed they may not, I guess it depends on how much you may have gained up there during pregnancy.
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Do they ever go back to normal size(before pregnancy)?
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I was told by the midwife at my last clinic that the changes to your breasts are caused by the pregnancy itself as the breast tissue alters to milk producing glands during pregnancy no matter whether you feed or not, and this is where some women lose their original fullness. I think some women are just lucky and keep their shape, unfortunately I didn't!
I hope you're one of the lucky ones :)

Ruth xx
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Probably not.
But you have to consider what is more important to you giving your baby the best nutrition the he/she can get or vanity.

Nobody I know who has nursed went back to their original size. Some of my friends who had big ones, are now smaller (a tad bit saggier to).
I am not big (never have been) to begin with so for me it wasnt a drastic change, but I did notice a difference. Also one is a little bigger than the other due to my son loving to nurse on one side.
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Lol.  I'm afraid I wont hav e enough milk for all four of them, should I still nurse or pump even if it isn't much?
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Oh my I'm sorry,  I didnt realize you were having 4.
I dont know, that's a tough one. You may want to find a web group that supports mothers of multiples,or look for a group in your area. I think you will have much better luck with your questions there.
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