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Independence and Imagination

So - I'm really curious as to whether this scenario seems okay to all my mommy friends..

Independence -

My DD turns 4 today.  We had plans to stay home today and tomorrow....big party on Saturday.
Well, Saturday turned into a 'small party'  Some of her little friends are on vacation.
So she decided to go to school and have a party there with her friends.  Cupcakes, Princess blowouts, cups, etc....

Then, tomorrow - they are having an end of the year summer party with a big water slide and moon bounce.  So now she wants to go to school to do that as well?

So, I'm at work now....and my little girl is truly a little girl now?  Should I be hurt that she wanted to have a 'party' with her friends at Pre-K or excited that my once closet shy girl is thriving in this new school?  She did invite me to come to school today and enjoy lunch and cupcakes with all of them!!  Too cute!!!

Just a mother here, watching her little girl grow up.....Very sad :(

Imagination -

So a few nights ago, my DD asked my to tell her a story instead of read a story at bedtime.  She wanted to know about 'me' and stories about me from when she was not around....

I worked all over this country volunteering in rescue groups (animals) and helping wounded wildlife, etc.  So I had some pretty neat stories about my and my dog traveling and doing things....Her eyes would get big and she'd smile when she heard my bear story or when my dog found a litter of kittens and helped them out of a hole....etc.
I'm sure some sounded elaborate to a 4 year old.  But they were true stories I was telling her.  She loves animals, all kinds, from mammals to fish to birds to insects.

So the past few nights she started telling me stories....Telling me stories about 'her', storie from when I was not with her.  They involved her being in the ocean with sharks, fish and one story was about her and our dog.

Obviously they didn't happen....but should I be worried about her making up stories?

She is pretty honest and if she does something wrong she always comes to me....but I just thought I'd ask what all of you thought....Is story telling considered lying?  And when does it cross the line?
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PS - I think to much, huh?
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I wouldn't be worried at all.

It just goes to show how creative she is.

Both of my kids did this.
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storytelling- it's a sign of a creative, bright girl!
it's lying when she makes up reasons why something broke, etc... otherwise she's being creative.

as for the party thing- be proud of her! she sounds like she's truly thriving
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awww, those are such cute stories.  She is fine - she is just a little girl who has a lot to think about :)
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I think it's wonderful that she can come up with such creative stories.  She's bright and who knows, maybe she will grow up to be writer.  Happy b-day Abby!!
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A big water slide and moon bounce - Um, can I go to school with her please?!!  I'd be more worried if she didn't want to go.  

Yes, it sounds like independence and that's fantastic and you never ever want to discourage that, but at the same time I also see it as she wants to do everything fun that is happening at the moment.  She doesn't want to wait for her party on Saturday - she wants to have fun now and do everything.  So, I see it more like a spontaneous gratification kind of thing than a sign you have are losing your "little" girl.  Does that make any sense?  Or maybe it's just me with DS turning 4 soon and I'm nowhere near ready to start thinking about him being some big independant hot shot.

And the story telling is WONDERFUL!  Just interject once in a while and try to help her understand the difference between fact and fiction.  Fiction is great, but it's also important to remember there are times when fiction is not okay.  Like having her tell her dad a story about something you two did earlier that day, and that is a story about what really happened.  Then there's a different kind of story about something you make up in your head, like flying ponies or whatever she comes up with.  lol!

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Awww how sweet! Abby telling stories is completely normal and shows a very creative mind. I wouldn't be worried about her wanting to have a party at school either. That shows she loves her new school and is very comfortable there. Happy birthday Abby and have a great weekend Deanne!!
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LOL - her's isn't about flying ponies...that's to girly...

It's about talking sharks!!! LOL
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Party Thing -

I guess it just took me off guard because the old school was a nightmare for her and the look of dread was always there...no matter if it was cupcake day...moonbounce day or what.

But everyone is right....She loves her new school, she feels loved and respected.  She adores her teachers and she has come out of her shell.

And JJety you are right.....I want to go do the moonbounce and super slide too!!  

As for the story thing, I just don't want her to get carried away.  She doesn't just tell random stories and she is always very open and honest about accidents, things that break.  

Like yesterday she accidently ran over Jake's fingers with a riding toy....she immediately, jumped off, hugged him and yelled for me to help Jake.  

She was completely honest with what happened.

The story telling is at night and in bed.  

So I guess I just need to relax.

I wonder where she gets her OCD from....LOL
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Haha, I'm not sure deanne....lol.

Did she have fun at school?
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