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Hi everybody,

I haven't wrote anything here for ages, i've just been getting on with my pregnancy. I am now 41wks i am really disappointed that nothing happened on my due date 26th May especially as on the 27th May was my birthday i turned 27 this is my first baby, my first pregnancy ended in a d&c at 8wks due to a blighted ovum i fell pregnant three months after that and this is now the result.
I will be going in on sunday for inducing they like to leave you ten days after your due date just in case it happens naturally.
I just wanted advice on what it is like, the doc. said that sometimes it can take a couple of days for anything to happen obviously you are monitored all the time if after three days nothing happens you are given a casearen, that could also happen if they discover the baby is distressed early on. Obviously i am scared i know it will be painful but i am also tired of being big and just can't wait to hold my baby for the first time.
I would just like to hear form your experiences see if it will cheer me up.

From a Soon to be mummy!!
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Don't worry about being induced.., it's not that bad at all. Check in the forum below from 05/23/2005-- Question was titled "Looks like induction :o( " by debra_maine.  There is some discussion there about the joys of being induced. Best of luck!
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My friend said he girlfriend was induced a week ago and it was her first child. She was a trooper she dialated really fast from 5-10cm and the entire process took 6 hours and 3 pushes...I was amazed. You never know it may not be that bad. Wish you luck on your precious little baby. He loves you so much he's not ready to leave yet :)
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Is inducing safe for ladies?
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