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Irregular periods since giving birth

I just gave birth to my 2nd daughter on Feb 20th, and I had my post-partum bleeding till the 14th of March. I started my Nor DQ birth control on March 16th. I got my first period on the 21st of March and it lasted for 4 days and it wasn't that heavy. Now my concern is after that I got my period back again on the 4th of April and it lasted 5 days and it was very heavy. Then again I just started another one on the 14th of March and it has been so heavy and it shows so signs of letting up. I have no cramps or pain just lots of bleeding and very dark colored blood. I know that breastfeeding can cause you periods to be irregular but there are days were I nurse her on and off all day and then there are days she has formula and no nursing. I have no other exsisting conditions and am just confused on what might be causing periods every other week. Just hoping to see if anyone else has had this issue and/or I am just trying to find answers my doctors aren't easy to get to or make an appointment with.
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It may be possible that you didn't completely finish postpartum bleeding yet.  I bled for a long time after my son and I'd stop bleeding for two or three days then start again.  I don't remember exactly how long it lasted, but it was a while.  It might also have something to do with your birth control...have you taken that kind before?  I've never taken birth control so I don't know how all those affect you and stuff.  But I know my bleeding was for a while and on and off, some light, some heavy until eventually it stopped altogether.
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I guess it could be possible that I didnt finish my postpartum bleeding, I never with my other kids bled for this long, it is just disgusting. I have never taken this birth control before so it may be the birth control to. Thanks for the input.
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If you hadn't taken the birth control before it might be causing it.  If I were in that situation I would stop the birth control and see what happens.  If it stops then you know it's the birth control.  Good luck :)
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