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Is a dream some sort of a sign?? I am so nervous about a M/C..

Thank you for responding to my post below..The reason this is on my mind is that I had an awful dream last night that I was having a M/C, I was looking down into a toilet full of blood, and I woke up this morning feeling very shaken by it..I have already had a perfectly normal, healthy 1st pregnancy, and that went like text book..I feel more nervous this time, for some reason. I never had any such dreams with my 1st. I have also never had a M/C .This is the only dream I have had about being pregnant again at all. I am not typically one that reads too much into dreams, but this really upset me. i am more afraid that something will happen while lifting my toddler, since she can be very rough. I don't at all know why I feel this way. I'm afraid my mind and body is trying to tell me something. I was Never this worried about problems with my first pregnancy. I can't figure out why I'm so stressed about it this time..I have been reading a lot of stories on this forum about M/C, Could that be what is putting it in my head?  I am 23 and just had a recent pap smear and exam that were all normal (well, I assume normal, because my doc never called to inform me other wise, and we did not Know that I was infact in early pregnancy at the time because I wasn't late yet) and I am taking my Prenatal vitamins,, eating well, and have already had a normal, healthy pregnancy 2 years ago. Does this put me at a low risk for having one? I just feel like something bad is going to happen and I don't know what warning signs to look for other than bleeding. I feel pretty much fine, just small dull cramping, sore breasts and a little upset with my stomach, and I don't think this stress is helping. I just need some reassurance, because it feels like it is all new to me again..Thanks~bops
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Dreams are just that, dreams for most people.  While you are stressing and worried about this pregnancy, your subconscious reacts to it, manifesting it.  I've had horrible dreams throughout this pregnancy, some every night for a week or two.  It is important that you remain as positive as possible, and remember that the more you read and the more stories you hear, the harder it gets to believe everything is going to be okay.
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I know from personal experience that just being on this site and reading everyone's stories and problems has made me extremely paranoid throughout this pregnancy.  I am scared about things that I never knew existed before.  Ignorance is bliss.  I don't think it's a sign of m/c, it's just normal pregnancy fears.
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Hi, i was so scared when i got pregnant i'm such a worrier naturally and i had some really awful dreams about losing the baby.  But dreams don't mean a thing.  For some reason they seem to be more vivid in pregnancy.  As long as you are not bleeding then everything will more than likely be fine.  Pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy i have been constantly checking that i'm not bleeding.  But even if you do bleed and quite a few women do, they go on to have perfectly healthy babies.  

The dull cramps you are feeling are perfectly normal, i freaked out so much when i had them, you can ask a 100 people what the cramps were like and you'd still wonder whether theirs were the same as yours.  Its just your body stretching, getting ready for the baby.  The baby is well protected in your uterus so picking up your other child won't cause you to miscarry.  From what i've learnt from the ladies on here and from what i've read on the internet, babies are tough little things and can cope with more than we give them credit for.  

Your body goes through a lot when your pregnant so you do get the odd twinges and aches.  But we are made to do this, our bodies know what they are doing.  I'm nearly 35 weeks now and i still worry about every little thing, i think it's just natural to worry.  Good luck to you for the future and congratulations!!
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Thank you, I needed that extra reassurance... It seems, like you mentioned, that everytime I use the bathroom, I am constantly checking the TP for blood...It is insane! I don't know how I can cope through the next 9 months..I feel like a nervous wreck, and this is not even my first pregnancy! I guess I need to stop reading all the horror stories, and just stick to the positive, know that things can happen, and know they don't happen to everyone. Thanks again! I feel a little better now...~bops
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Im that way too about dreaming about it and checking the tp.  I had a missed miscarriage years ago and now I'm nearly 20 weeks.  I should stop worrying but  had the worst miscarriage dream last night or the night before... I was upset too.  I think it's just our fears getting into our dreams
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Our dreams often reveal our inner-most fears. Add that with a lot of hormones fluctuating and they become real tear jerkers. Mine didn't go away immediately, either. I would dream of my baby falling out of my bed and I would grab my dh arm and he would have to wake me up. The odd thing was that I NEVER let the babies sleep in bed with me because of sids and falling out of bed. We even had a baby come to the er that had suffocated by rolling face down in a water bed! I am still terrified of anyone doing that. It's all normal and part of our protective instinct. Best of luck, bops.
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