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Is heavy implantation bleeding normal?

Hello ...

This is my first post to ANY pregnancy type forum so very new to it all...

I am 26 yrs old and have never been pregnant before...

My partner and I were intimate on mon 27th April, 2 days after my period ended, and the next evening I had a sharp tingly sensation in the lower left of my tummy, then for the next couple of days I had a weird metallic taste in my mouth which I also had a few days ago also, I felt a bit queasy (sick) but wasnt... and then 11 days later on the 10th May (day 1) I had some very light pink spotting with specks of red and brown and clear discharge, and also the tingly sensation again in the same area, then the next day (day 2) just some brown discharge...
then the next day (day 3) just some pink / red spotting.... but now (day 4) it is more red and more heavy to the point where I need to use a tampon to take a bath (and will wear a pad to bed to be safe)...

Untill now I have just had a panty liner in, (but I wear them daily anyway just to feel fresh and clean) and not alot has transfered to them, but then I'm not working so am not exactly on the go all day, Im sitting down alot....

The bleeding today is more like a light period than spotting but I am not due for my next period for another 7 days on the 18th May as I have a 28 day cycle...

I always have very heavy periods and are ALWAYS accompanied with VERY PAINFUL cramps and I never get any other menstrual symptons, just cramps... and I am always regular as clockwork, always have been since my first ever cycle! but at the moment I have NO PAIN ATALL which seems odd to me and never before have I bled mid-cycle so this is odd to me also...

I always thought, as I have always had steady boyfriends and never used birth control and never got pregnant, that I was infertile, but recently (5 months ago) I changed my diet to lots of fruit and lots of veg daily and a daily multi-vitamin in a bid to gain a sexy summer figure and generally be more healthy lol but untill about a year ago my life has been pretty stressful but am now happy for the first time ever! lol But also I do smoke 6/10 a day so wasnt trying for a baby yet or anything...



Could I have fallen pregnant?


The wondering is driving me mad! lol


Mysti - U.K.

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Implantation isn't very common, and it's just a very light pink/brown spotting, most women won't even notice it even if they do have it. So my answer is no, you can't have implantation heavy enough to be using a pad or tampon, and no it can't last more than 5 days. It's probably your period coming early, woman's bodies are strange, and even though you're like clockwork, it might have just changed. Wait until the bleeding stops and take a HPT, but I'm betting it was your period. Good luck! :]
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Hi, Mystical, and welcome to the forum. :)

I am thinking about your schedule.  If your last period began on the 20th of April (or the 21st), then you had unprotected sex on the 27th, that would be a trifle early for ovulation but not impossible.  If the next day (the 28th) you had the sharp tingly sensation, it could have been ovulation -- often women can feel it, and it is not unheard of at 8 days after the start of the last menstrual period, though it more commonly happens at around 14 days.  (Everything about pregnancy is counted from the first day of the last menstrual period, or LMP, and in pregnancy parlance, references to "day 1" or "day 14" are talking about your LMP as the start point.)

OK, so this gives you sex on day 7 of your cycle and possible ovulation on day 8.  Sperm in your system can live about 4-5 days.  So sure, if the sex was unprotected, you could be pregnant.  The metallic taste in the mouth is a symptom sometimes associated with early pregnancy (though I admit I've never met anyone who has actually had this happen, so maybe it is more written about than seen).

Then at about day 20 of your cycle, you saw some spotting and bleeding.  Though implantation bleeding is not common, some ladies do get bleeding with early pregnancy, just as a fluke of how the placenta has attached.  

All told, I certainly would not write off the likelihood of pregnancy, no matter how lengthy the bleeding or how heavy.  On the other hand, it could be your period coming on early!  LOL

You could test with an "early-results" test as soon as tomorrow, since the date of the sexual activity was 2 weeks ago.  However, if it were me I might wait for a few more days, to see if your period is coming in earnest, and for fear of a false negative from testing too early.

A blood-based pregnancy test (at the doctor's) could tell you by now.

Good luck!

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Thankyou for your response...

I also have had 2 very strange dreams a few months ago, one that I was telling people I was pregnant and one of me actually giving birth! lol I just laughed them off at the time...

I will of course update this thread when I find out if I am pregnant or not.... :)
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When I got married me and my husband wanted to have a baby so bad.  So we kept trying and nothing happened.  Well up untill I got married my periods were always on time every month.  Then they became irregular and I wouldnt get them for months.  Well I finally got pregnant in Feb 2007.  But my symptoms were so weird.  I had the implantation bleeding for about 7 days and it was pink colored.  Then I started experiencing pains in my lower abdomen so I went to the doctor and they told me I was pregnant but I had two fluid filled cyst on my ovaries that poped that was why I had the pink discharge.  My suggestion is to go to the doctor and have them do an ultrasound because my pregnancy test came up negative for about 6 weeks.  But I was just way to early.  Any questions just ask:)
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It would be really good to hear some stories from women who have had heavy implantation bleeds?

Apparently it could indicate twins or triplets???


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Hiya annie...

No I havent yet been to the doctors... I will go get it checked out tho...

I have just been reading people stories on various sites and have seen a few stories of women who had heavy implantaion bleeding that they thought was their normal period then found out that they were pregnant but with twins!

I figured this morning that maybe I had just come on early but everyone has different stories its hard to know what to think! lol

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