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Is this Normal?

My son got his shots on tuesday,  and where the nurse poked him he has a hard lump, and it is still red. Also when I touch it he jerks away so i'm assuming it is sore. I called his pedi's office and they said it is normal. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but ever since he got his shots he has been a strict momma's boy. And he'll wake up screaming and he won't take his bottle of water but if it's milk he will. I'm not sure whats going on any help would be appreciated =] thanks!
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yeah my lil guy is like that too, did dr tell you to give him anything for pain?  i would ask if they didn't.  just watch him close  and make sure he doesn't have a fever.  sorry about the shots  :( he should be better tomorrow tc  ~d
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yep- normal. those shots HURT. i got my DTaP after dd was born, and i was very sore for days. you can give him tylenol. he should feel better soon.
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Thank you DaniWants1More and Tiredbuthappy =] yeah I've been giving him tyenol poor guy I feel so helpless!
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yeah its normal dont worry
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oh man you have me worried....my daughter is going to the doctors tommorrow and i believe she is getting her shots that she missed....now im scared that she'll get to many and be very hurt..i know she missed quite a few...anywho sorry about seeing your son in pain and unable to take it away..wish u luck and a speedy recovery...  : )
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