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Jaundice in Newborn

My son turned a week old today, and I have noticed a little yellowing of his skin and eyes. The discoloration is only slight, but I am wondering whether or not I should be concerned. I am breast feeding, and I have read that jaundice will take longer to go away if you are. Does anyone have any advice?
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Hi, and congratulations on your one-week old!  

My son had jaundice when a newborn, had to have two stints under the bili lights before we left the hospital.  His skin was still plenty jaundiced when we left to go home, and the doctor told us just to put him in the sun (inside a window) in his diaper for as many stretches as we could.  The sunlight on the skin breaks up the bilirubin, apparently.  He liked it, we put a hot-water bottle under the pad, and he always slept because the pad he was lying on was warm from below and the sun was warm from above.  
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Thanks Annie! I will definitely try the sunlight.
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My sister-in-law was told to put her newborn in sunlight too...  They run tests at the hospital on newborns before they leave testing billirubin levels.  My son was jaundice and spent about 24 hrs under 'photo therapy' in the hospital and came home on a Friday. The dr prescribed a billi-blanket over the weekend which was a pain in the ***.  His eyes, I felt, still showed yellow for several weeks after his billirubin leven came back down to normal. I am still breast feeding my son - not sure if breast feeding makes the jaundice to go away longer or what.  Good luck.
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the sun is very very good for this, you should walk him every morning in the sunlight, but in not to much thick clothing.in Trinidad the sun is used for such, unless you know any Hindu spiritual person who specialize in jawaing, then he can heal the baby from it. but being as you said it is not that yellow, i believe the SUN would do the trick. i wish you all GOD speeding recovery.
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