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Just wanted to give everybody an update on us.  Both boys are home now after Brodie's little stint back to the PICU and both are doing great.  We have had a rough week with gas, no sleep and screaming at the top of their lungs.  However, we started giving them Mylicon last night and they are back to sleeping like angels.  Knock on wood it stays like this.  They will be 6 weeks on Thursday.  Boy how time flies.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long at all - I feel like I was just pregnant yesterday.  That's sad - I liked being fat and pregnant, but I also enjoy my boys being here to hold.    

Brodie's RSV has appeared to have subsided so the doctor is sending both boys for their first RSV vaccination tomorrow.  Thank god for insurance as each vaccine is $3,500 and they each get 3 - 3 months in a row.  WOW - I want to work for that company.  Anybody else get this vaccine?

So how is everybody else doing?  Have I missed anything?  I think I caught everybody's delivery so far.  Anyway - just wanted to follow up to see how everybody was doing and let you know how we were doing.  Hope everybody is well.
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thats is really good to hear...i did some reading on rsv these past few months for some reason...and ds had a bit of bronchitis when he was quite newborn still...and its all related to rsv so i asked his ped when we went and he said yup thats what it was but no one usually knows what i mean..ds was put on some syrup for it and it cleared up...its so scary though-he is much better..we have the choice for a vaccine here and i dont remember what its called..some kind of flu that all children end up getting by age 5 or something:S
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It's called the synagis (sp?) vaccine and if insurance will cover it, GET IT!!  You do NOT want to go through what we have endured over the past 2-3 weeks.  It was very scary and I do not ever want to go through that again.  

We jumped at the chance to get the vaccination once we found out insurance is going to cover it.  Glad to hear your little angel is better!!
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I have to say I think Mylicon is one of the best things invented! :) Marissa had terrible colic ever since I've been giving it to her (2 weeks now) she has been a perfect little angel.

I love reading the updates on your boys how thrilled to be blessed by two, although I guess thats two times less sleep and time,  etc... :) I'm sure they are worth it!
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Mylicon is my savior!!!!  It's only been 1 night but we at least got 6 hours of sleep each - we did take shifts - so it's not like the boys slept 6 straight hours but at least we each got to sleep 6 straight hours.  

And as for two times less sleep - you nailed it on the head.  It seems like feedings never ended as you would feed one and then the other and then when you were done with the second, the first would be back up as he couldn't sleep due to the gas.  We are getting back on track now and I'm just tickled pink.  

We are also going to try the grippe water when I can manage to get to the store.  Hopefully tomorrow as my mom is coming to watch the boys so I can go to my 6 week doctor's check up.  Then I gotta come back home and get the boys for their appointment.  It never ends!!!!
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Yep, we get Synagis every month and have since October. GREAT stuff.
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My daughter has received synagis every month since November. She is now almost 19 pounds and the dose is given based on weight--her last shot costs $8,500 for one dose. We are so thankful for insurance. Glad to hear your boys are doing well and you are getting some sleep. We tried Mylicon and unfortunately we didn't see any difference.
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I agree! Thank God for the gas drops! They have been a blessing for us too! My son has to have them atleast once a day but usually more. We even changed his formula and it didn't work, but the drops did! I am glad your boys are ok. I have heard of alot of people whos babys have had RSV this year. Scary! Makes me nervous. My son is almost 8 weeks old and I have hardly took him out of the house. I was going to ask his doctor about that shot for it at his next appt.
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Im glad they are doing good!! I know how hard RSV can be! I cant imagine having two babies with it!! Evan is sick again =( He just got over RSV(Bronchilitis) 4 weeks ago, and now he has his cough again. I hope it goes away soon!! Thats great about the shots!!! I wish we could have gotten them, but its definately good they give them to preemies!
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So glad your babies are doing great. I cannot believe that the meds for RSV are that expensive!! OMG!  you'd think that the manufactures would have a conscience since it helps babies!!  EGADS!  Anyhow, Noah is doing good. He has/had tummy/gas issues and Mylacon drops didn't work but Gripe Water did...whew...He is now a little over 2weeks old.......time does go by fast!  He wakes up every 3 hours to eat, no matter if it's night or day....so needless to say...No sleep for anyone and my BP is crazy outta control.  Other than that, life is great!  =)
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I'm really glad that the boys are doing great!!!!!
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Well our appointment is today - I am so nervous about them getting stuck with a needle.  I hate needles myself.  :(  They are sleeping much better now since we started the mylicon drops.  We are getting the grippe water today to try that as well.  

Van - hang in there - ours will be 6 weeks tomorrow and we still aren't getting that much sleep.  It will get better - I promise.  

Tazz - how are your girls.  They look just precious.  I thought I had double trouble - but two girls.  WOW!!  All the problems we've had with hubby's daughter, I don't think I could handle 2 girls.  Doug said "I don't do too good with girls" - he says it jokingly but I know deep down inside he is so hurt!!  She has completely disowned him and has decided to put the baby up for adoption rather than letting us adopt her just cause she's mad at her dad.  She's going to regret this mistake in the long run, but what can you do!!  Anyway - yours are beautiful!!  Good job.

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I loved Mylicon, but still didn't help my boys sleep, did quiet some of the screaming and crying.  I hope it continues to work wonders for you!  We have battled RSV, and the vaccine isn't offered to all kiddos.  I think they only offer it to preemies or high risk kiddos, they have to really do some paperwork to push it through insurance.  My boys were term and big, so we were not concerned.  Carson got pneumonia at 11 weeks, Cameron got RSV at 10 weeks.  It was a tough year + with Carson and has been rough with Cameron.  Even with Cam getting RSV at 10 weeks we were still not eligible for the vaccine.  He has had it several times this year, along with pneumonia, had RSV almost 2 weeks ago along with another ear infection.  A week later he was on meds but got a double ear infection and Influenza A.  Ya just can't win sometimes.     Have an ex-coworker whose baby was born 8 weeks early, he did get the vaccine as well and has been doing fairly well.  Good luck, I hope your little ones feel better soon.  Just think, by spring/ early summer all of this stuff will pass.   Sweet dreams to all!

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