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Just checking in..............

Hey everyone! It's been so bad here at work that I haven't had time to breathe! I've tried to get out here to read up on everyone, but just haven't had time to respond. Bailee and I are swamped but both are doing good! She just turned 10 weeks and I'm fixing to hit 34.

Kassimom - WOW girl, we don't have long. Are you still scheduled to go on the 19th? I went in Monday and Dr. says Carrigan is head down and if you ask me she's engaged, but that has not been confirmed. She is going to do an u/s in 2 weeks and see how big she is and most likely you and I will be having our little ones the same week. A month ago Carrigan weighed 3lbs 1oz, so who knows what she weighs now! I'm just READY and I know you are. Nothing is comfortable anymore, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Kristen - glad to see that you're doing good! Bailee is having trouble with tummy issues too, so hang in there.

CMN, Capermom, Stephw, Blondie, Christie - Hope you guys are all doing well. We have a lot of newbies on here and I hope you all are doing good as well. Good luck to all of you!
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HOw WONDERFUL TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! I am so glad that you and Bailee are doing well!!!

Well, my surgery date has been scheduled for the 16th of November! I am excited!

At his 32 wk u/s he was 4 lbs! BIG BABY!! Looks like we are both looking at 9lb babies again!!

Colton is also head down and I feel like he has dropped. Suddenly I can't hold more than a thimble of pee and I CANNOT sit with my legs together AT ALL!! And when he moves his little head I feel like he is about to pop out of me. Remember those little kicks I felt on my cervix earlier? Well, now its pressure (his head I think) and when he turns it, it's excruciating!

And you are so right! Noting is comfy anymore, but I am getting to that point in my pregnancy where half of me wants him OUT NOW so I can hold him and love him and half of me wants to hold him in forever so I can enjoy his little kicks and squirms!

How is Kennedy doing? Is she getting more and more excited? Kassi is excited some days and others pretty indeifferent. She has a sibling prep class on Nov 8.
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i was wondering how you have a 10 week old and about to have another baby.  i know this may be a silly question, but i guess i am out of the loop.
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Hi, Good to hear from you and I'm glad Bailee is doing well also. Take care and hang in there, you are getting so close!!
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I'm right there with you! The leg crossing, shaving, and even putting my pants on standing up don't cut it anymore! Ha!

Kennedy seems like Kassi! If someone asks her about Carrigan, she's real excited and she still will come kiss on my belly and talk to her but some days it doesn't seem to phase her.

That's great about the 16th! Hey, 3 days is 3 days! I'm like you, I wish I could keep her in to protect her and feel her move, but then again, when she gets ready to contract, it's like "HOLY COW, what is she doing in there!" I was 29wks when she weighed 3 lbs, so I'm sure she's right there with Colton.

Hopefully both of us will have Thanksgiving babies! I know you will, let's just hope I will too.

Gonza - you may have me confused with someone else. Kennedy is 6. There is another Emma on here, but she goes by emma622. I haven't seen her in a while though.
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The 10 wks she was referring to was another person who posts on this forum.

Bailee-who posts here as well and is friends with Emma1-is 10 wks pregnant.

Emma1 is almost 34 wks pregnant.

Understand now? LOL It's hard to keep up soemtimes!
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I wasn't doen with my previous post and it posted anyway! Woops!

Anyway, Glad things are going well and I hope we do go in the same week!

Tell Bailee hello for me!
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Thanks for clearing it up.  It is hard to keep up with everyone.  I usually just read and gather info for myself.  I am 14 weeks prego today and I am obsessed with reading this site several times a day.  I especially like the hmmmm's!
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Glad to hear from you, and glad to hear that your doing good. Thanks for asking about me, I'm doing great have a bit of a headach today though. I'm now 24 weeks 2 days and this little one is moving all the time now, i go in for the glucose test in 2 weeks and see my new Dr in 4 weeks. How have you been feeling? When are you going on your Mat leave? I can't believe how fast time goes by when your pregnant, I haven't even started on the babies room yet. DH and I are trying to get the outside of our house ready before the snow starts to flow, It probably won't be for another month or two but you never know. How is your DH doing?
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Just an update...doctor said the swelling looked normal, no problems with my blood pressure...however, the water weight has put me at a 9lb gain over the last two weeks!!!  I about had a heartattack...told them their scales must be wrong! :o)

On a happy note...Miss Gabbi has finally picked up her movement again, had me a little concerned for a while...amazing how much I rely on those movements and kicks to assure me that everything is going as it should be.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

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