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Had d&c on 1/4 at 12 wks. At hospital dr took tissue from baby and placenta for karyotyping. Test results are back and there was nothing wrong! I am relieved in a way, since we are ttc already. Knowing it was healthy eases my mind on the whole genetic factor since I just turned 41. But, if it was healthy, measured right for 12 weeks saw hb 1/2, nothing 1/3 what happened???? OB said may have had placental lifting due to strain. I didn't lift much of anything bc I was too paranoid. Next time around I won't even lift a box of tissue! They said it was a boy, too. Anyone else have something like this?

Oh, I had my blood done to check hcg, etc. on 1/19. The lab ran wrong tests. I o'd on 1/19ish, levels would be high enough on hcg beta test to confirm pg now, wouldn't they? I think I read 3 days after fertilization? Please correct me if I am wrong. I will wait to re-do labs if I need to. TY, Tina
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I believe the hcg isn't detected until about 5-10 days past o at the earliest.

Congrats on the other tests....my baby came back healthy normal too...it's a relief but then you just wonder some more.

After my d&e in Sept, they ran extensive tests as that was my 3rd m/c....we did find out I have a blood clotting disorder so hopefully my next pregnancy - they'll know how to take care of it so I don't lose another baby....

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I am so glad to hear that your test results came back normal! And I know what you mean about wondering what happened. I wish I knew as well. But since all was normal, maybe you will have a 9 month pregnancy next time. I too wonder about the "lifting" part. I'm sure I lifted some heavy things as well. Eeks.
I am not sure about your other question. I'm sorry they ran the tests wrong. I'm sending you lots of baby dust!
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I too have been there.  I had two miscarriages before my son was born and then one before my daughter was born.  Strange, the first baby was nine weeks and I had a D&C, however they didn't run any test, because miscarriage is so common (Doc said it was probably nothing).  The second miscarriage was at 16 weeks,  we had all the testing necessary and everything was completely normal.  We were relieved, but horrified...what if it happened everytime???  I started seeing a High Risk OB and three months later I was pregnant again.  The only problem was that I needed a baby aspirin a day.  My body recognized all new DNA as foreign and clotted off the placenta, thus ending my pregnancies.  My pregnancy with my son was perfect and he was born two days before his due date.  The miscarriage after my son was a hormonal defect, my pregnancy was viable, but my ovary overproduced, enlarged and caused my tube to detach and I bled out (the baby couldn't handle the stress).  I survived, lost a tube and haven't had any trouble with pregnancy since. I'm now pregnant again and everyday I pray for a healthy, term baby.

I will keep those of you out there in my thoughts and prayers.  Be strong and patient with your bodies.  If one Dr. isn't giving you answers, see someone else.  By the way, baby aspirin isn't dangerous and won't hurt you.  It's heart healthy and a good habit to get into.  Start taking one a day with your vitamin.  Of course, talk to your Dr., but I know baby aspirin is the reason I have healthy children.

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