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Kinda OT... Anyone had a Tummy tuck?

I have had 3kids...  I want one more to try for the boy but dh is DONE... so I would like to get my tummy tuck...

I went in for a consult and really liked the dr.  But I need a real person to tell me about the pain and recovery time... give me all the gory details.

It would be a full tummy tuck with lipo of hips.  He said he puts a pain pump into the muscles that lasts for about 4 days and I pull out (how the h does that work haha)  to help with the muscle pain.

I want to get it done over x mas break which would give me 17 days to recover before work.

Also I wanted to get it done without general (I am scared of not waking up)  He said he could give me a spinal (like an epidural??)  and some other meds so I would be out of it..  

what do you think?  How did yours go?  Are you happy?  Is there anything you wish you would have known? done?  ok thanks girls!!
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I know someone that had it done.  She is on week 5 post surgery and still has not fully recovered.  She was told recovery time was 6-8 wks.  
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My mom had one 10 years ago because of me lol. No matter how much weight she lost and how much she tried to tone up she could not get rid of that extra skin. She is very happy with it, best $10,000 she ever spent. I would say she was up and running in a couple weeks. I dont remember her being bed ridden for more than a couple days. I am definitely getting one once I am done having kids, my skin is so stretched.

Good luck!!
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I really really really want this done after my next child.  If it happens.  I have that extra saggy skin that is so disturbing.  I'm not sure of the recovery time but I've had lipo before and it took me about a week to recover.  Please make sure the doctor is a reputable one.  Do a lot of research, get references, make sure they don't have any pending lawsuits.  It's a very scary and real thing.  
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I'm not sure I'll need a tummy tuck but am already clear I'll need a boob tuck.  All that nursing has left me with the saggy boobs, and though with a good bra I look OK, I feel sorry for my husband.  They can't be cute to him!  But I'm not in for implants, I just wonder if any doc has figured out a tucking technique that makes them smaller and higher, the teacup breasts of our early youth.  Haven't looked into it yet but have been curious.  All you hear about is gals getting implants.
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Oh yea.. lifts are very common!
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I think it depends though.  I know they've done lifts without adding an implant but I think it depends on how much you have to work with.  I know most of the time they add a small implant.  I wouldn't mind getting a boob job either.  Mine are not pretty either after my son.
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I asked the dr about the lift but he said it would be too much to do lipo, tummy and lift at the same time...  too much time in surgery as the tummy and lipo will be 5 and 1/2 hours.. so I guess that will be a second surgery

oh well,

I have researched this dr and have seen results...

he said 10,000 for the lipo and tummy

ouch!!! they do finace
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Most do financing nowadays.  I would love to go to those doctors in Beverly Hills.  You know the one's on E, Dr. 90210.  
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Yes, I had this done.  I love the results, and it looks like I'll never get pg again so they'll stick.  If I do get pg again, I hope that it won't completely undo it.  Again, not something it looks like I have to worry about.  

Okay, I watched all these plastic surgery shows before I did it and the people were back at work in a couple of days..... no.  It is PAINFUL.  I mean PAINFUL.  I had two c/s, the last one after a complete uterine rupture that was extremely painful, so I thought I was prepared.  I was not, the tummy tuck was WOW, painful.  

I did mine 5 years ago, and it cost $5000.  So wow, shop around, some dr are more than others (one quoted me $7500).  But don't go cheap.  

I could not stand up of course, for a week or so.  The pain meds made me so nauseated I threw up while laying in bed, and I was in so much pain I could not lift myself off the bed, so I threw up on myself.  Nice.  My poor husband took care of me.  There is a drain in your stomach that has to be drained every so often.  My plan was to do it myself, but I was too weak and in too much pain and could hardly move, so my husband got that job too.  

After all of that, after a few weeks.  Yes, I did like the result, and yes, I am glad I did it.  
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Wow, alikat, you motivate me to do some crunches right now.  
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well i think alikat just made up my mind about ever wanting a tummy tuck.
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After im done breastfeeding, I will get a boob job and a lipo...I want it sooo bad!
I guess Im lucky because my uncle is a plastic surgeon :)

My advise, as other ladies posted, dont go cheap with this, try to research the Dr you are choosing, and dont worry about the pain, it wil be sooo worth it! :)
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like i stated above.....tummy tuck is not the way i wanna go (price and reading about the recovery do NOT sound so great) but how can you tell if that's the only way you can get a tight tummy back? my tummy isn't super saggy....it's almost back to normal just a bit of flab. does anyone know if i can still loose it and it shrink back or am i destined for tummy tuck?
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i know i just posted but i went and started to look at plastic surgeons in my area...just to see. lol this one that i found in columbus, oh. does vaginal rejuvenation! lol when i saw that i started to crack up. just had to share.
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haha... well I you tubed tummy tuck and watched a whole one and I still want one hahah.. I am so ready to get rid of my fat tire... it will be so so much better for me and dh... I hope I will be able to go back to work afte 17 days.. I don't have a super stressful job so I should be ok
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here is the link to the pics from his site.. check out the tummy tuck ones.. I hope I end up like the second one haha

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Gosh, that looks so great...Now I want one!
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ahha.. ya pretty cool huh!  uff I can't wait.. I hope it all turns out good!!
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Ok just checked out that site melimeli, and can I just say that I will NEVER get a boob job, I mean look at the after pics of their boobs and nipples...WOW. Some of their nipples look like they point away from their bodies, I don't know some of them just looked freaky to me...but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a tummy tuck one day...the flab and the stretch marks!!! I'd love to have my pre pregnancy tummy back.
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I definitely wouldn't go with that doc for a boob job, did you see the third case? Her boobs were VERY crooked, not ok.

His tummy tucks looked good though!
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hahaha.. yea the boobs aren't too hot ahhahaha... I'll just stick with the tuck.. but I am not done researching he is just the first dr. I visited!
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Vaginal rejuvenation, huh?  Isn't that how the whole problem began?  LOL  

There are even doctors out there who will make your labia match in case you are ultra-self-conscious about it (or are a porn star whose fortune is riding on her labia looking the most photogenic).  What kind of dumb idea is that?  My husband said once that if a guy is in a situation where he is lucky enough to be looking at labia up close and personal, the last thing he is thinking is if they are symmetrical.
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good luck with that:) I'd be in dire need of a breast reductionation/augment, lipo and  prolly some other things but i was made to be this way andoh well...i'm sorry i dont look like the standard magazine model but i'm me.. and me is good
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Wow, the tummy tuck photos are amazing.  I really want one now.
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