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Late and heavy implantation bleeding?

Hello.I stopped BC pills on Nov 6 2005 the Sunday during my period. Since have gotten periods, but not always same time. Longest was 6 and 3/4 weeks apart, shortest was 4 weeks and 2 days apart (which was last "normal" period-got on June 27). They usually last 3-5 days since stopped pills. I believe I was ovulating on 7/12.Had unprotected sex on 7/13. About a week later I was feeling slight cramping in my lower abdomen and slightly bloated like I couldn't hold in my stomach. I was "due" to start my period on 7/25 and thought I was getting it-had cramps, but never came. On 7/26 I thought I had a hot flash and I felt nauseous in PM (although I was painting a room at the time). On 7/27 I felt a belly button twinge in afternoon and in PM I had tiny amount of clear mucous with brown/red blood in it when I wiped. Next day same, but more brownish in color. My back also hurt and I had cramps, bloating. Nothing the next two days. On 7/31 I was crampy in lower ab and had tiny amount of fresh tinged red mucous in AM when wiped. 8/1 tiny amount of red/brown mucous on tp in AM, same on 8/2. On 8/3 still seeing small dark red blood/mucous on tp in AM, and felt slightly queasy and gassy (burped alot in AM) and tired. 8/4 same. Took HPT(EPT)in PM on 8/4-negative. 8/5 no spotting in AM, cramps became heavier and soiled underwear in PM. Cramps all night. When woke in AM 8/6 large blood clot when wiped, thought period started. 8/7 heavy bleeding in AM, very light in PM, tired. 8/8 was pretty much gone.Today 8/9 I have bloated, crampy feeling in lower ab and back pain, tired. Am I pregnant?
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It sounds like an unusual period but not implantation bleeding.
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I've never heard of anyone having clots with implantation bleeding.
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I had an IB, but it was exactly two drops and lasted no longer than day and a half.
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Does anyone think it could have been a miscarriage?
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Thanks for the reply.  I have never had a week of on again-off again red/brown mucous only when I wiped, so that's why I was thinking I was pregnant. I also have never had it followed by 2 heavy days of bleeding and then nothing. I haven't really felt sick, although I have noticed a couple times I felt lightheaded/dizzy while driving and sitting at my computer.  My breasts are only a little sore, but not more noticeable than normal. I have been feeling extremely tired the last few days, though.  My husband wanted me to see my doctor, but I wanted to wait and take another HPT in a few days or so before I do that.  I am hoping that I am, and don't want to hear that I'm not from my doctor.
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No, not with a neg HPT. It sounded like a period.
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