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Long periods after m/c?

My cycles have gotten shorter since my m/c but my periods have gotten longer.  Today is day 8 and I'm still spotting.  I had light flow up until day 6 and spotting yesterday and today. I had to start taking baby aspirin for my blood clotting problem discovered from the m/c.  I read online that baby aspirin is used for other to bulk up the uterus lining.  Could this also be happening to me causing my period to be longer? I would have though the aspirin would make me bleed faster causing a shorter period.

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sorry i dont have an answer.  i was the exact opposite.  i had long cycles and only had af for a few days after m/c.  my cycles got all messed up and never really got regular.  but i did end up w/ a bfp!!!  maybe your dr would be able to comfort you w/ an explanation.  i call mine on every concern that i cannot find an answer to.  prayers to you.
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I had a d/c on nov 25,2005 and just got my period on monday and has been very heavy for me. I was on a 28 day cycle with my periods only lasting 4 light days, so this is very abnormal for me. I called my midwife and the nurse said my body is most likely out of wack. So trying to figure out when I ovulate is going to be fun.  I would call your doctor to make yourself feel better.
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Its been 6 months since my m/c and my cycles are still crazy.  One month my cycle will be 35 days, the next will be 26.  I also have mid cycle bleeding, which I never had before the m/c.  My average period length is 8 days but on this last cycle I was bleeding for 16 days.  I didn't realize how much my m/c would mess up my cycles.  Talk about adding insult to injury!
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I had 26 day cycles before my m/c in October. Since then my cycles have gotten longer -  30 to 31 days. Day of ovulation has also changed. Before m/c it was CD16, this month it was CD14. AF was heavy the first month and then got to a normal 4 days the next two. Just got BFP today!!
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I had d&C Nov 8th.  I think I might have had a period on Dec. 19th. but then stopped for 7 days and started bleeding again.  Went back to Dr. on Jan 7th where they found abnormal something on an u/s.  Took blood., neg. on HCG as they were thinking might have been preg tissue left over.  Go back in two weeks for sonohistogram.  Dr. said maybe it is polyp or maybe will go away.  Anyone had anything similiar happen to them?  Really want a BPG soon.
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I had a miscarriage on Oct 31, 2005.  I had bleeding for about 1 week after that and then had a period at the end of November that lasted for about 2 weeks, which I had not had before the m/c.  My period in December was about 9 or 10 days long.  I am hoping to conceive soon, my dr. said to wait 3 months, which has almost passed.
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