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Low Sperm Count

How does being overweight effect a mans sperm count? Mt partner is slightly overweight, and does not sleep so well at night causing him to sometimes be tired during the day. Could this effect his sperm count? I know the obvious answer would be for him to loose weight but it is a very sensitive subject with him and he has no self confidence and motivation.
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I don't think being over weight effects sperm count. My friend Robin just had her 5th baby 3 weeks ago and her husband has always been rather hefty, I don't know if he has sleep problems? Things I know that effect sperm count are heat, major pressure change on a regular basis, and maybe genes.
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Well he has 4 other brothers and sistersd, so his parents never had a problem TTC! He comes from a 'larger' family, who are all slightly overweight. I suppose I was just wondering if his weight would ever be a problem. We both eat healthy food, so thats not a problem. I think he just has weight genes that run in the family. Maybe I'am worrying over nothing! Thankyou for your comments though.
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If you are ttc and it is becoming a problem, the man's sperm count is usually the first thing to be checked because it's simpler to assess and rule out issues than are problems on the woman's side of the equation.  I think sperm can be affected by illness (three months ago, remember, as sperm take three months from start-up to use), heat in the sense of being too close to a thing like a varicose vein that can happen in the scrotum (which is repairable), and sometimes environmental damage.  Probably other posters will know more things that affect sperm too.  The question of weight per se would probably only affect it if someone was so terrifically overweight that there were other health issues, and/or the thighs or something were cradling the sperm factory too much and heating it up.  (Just a guess on that last one!)  But "slightly overweight" shouldn't do anything negative to sperm.  Good luck!
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thankyou so much!
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My friend's husband was "large" and his sperm count turned out to be their problem. He found out that his count was low because of a thyroid problem, which contributed to his weight problem. Last I heard he was going to be treated with thyroid medication, and clomid. Yes, I know that Clomid is a women's infertility drug, but apparently, recent studies are using it to boost men's reproductive capability. There are ways to get the most out of what he does have. when ttc, don't do it more than every other day. when you're done, put a pillow under your butt, and stay there with your pelvis lifted for 20 min. Don't use commercial lube such as KY. Some people think it kills sperm. Egg white, and vegitable oil are supposed to be good lube. If he wears butt huggers, have him switch to boxers to cool off his testicles. Sperm like a cooler temp.
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My dh has sleeping problems and is also slightly overweight, but we have never had a problem ttc. Your dh could ahve something else going on though, but I doubt it has to do with his weight or sleeping issues alone. The only way to tell is go to a doctor and go through tests. The sleeping issue (insomnia etc) can really effect a man though, my dh gets really stressed if he doesn't get enough sleep over a period of time, it can really effect day to day activities and alertness. I guess taht could possibly effect fertility too if let go over time. Here are some things the doc told my dh to help with his sleep issues and it has really helped him alot.
don't lay down in bed unless you are about to go to sleep or having sex.(for insomniacs it can cause their bodies to get used to staying awake once they go to bed).
Try to go to bed at the same time every night, get your body into a schedule so it knows when to sleep.
If he's laying there for hours and truly can't sleep, get up and watch a little TV (nothing too exciting though) or read for a while until you start to feel sleepy.
Cut down on caffeine!! My dh cannot drink caffeine after about 3 in the afternoon or he stays up all night.
Don't eat in the evening after mealtime before bedtime.
Excersise regularly, but never in the evening.
***Honestly, having sex pretty regularly seems to also help my dh get better sleep too. Sex can be a release for stress etc and help him sleep better.

Hope some of these help.
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