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Low sperm Count, Bad sperm morphology and its Medication ???

I am 31 Years Old and my wife 26 years old. We tried for a year to have baby but did not work. Then had some checkup and test. Test showed nothing serious from my wife side. However, Semen test showed Low sperm Count (32 million per milliliters), 20% active motile, 30% sluggish motile, 50% non motile with Sperm morphology such as 30% normal and 70% abnormal forms.
Our doctor prescribe some medication for both of us.
For me (Husband)
(1) Levocarnitine Tablets USP (Carnitor-1000 mg per day)
(2) Cefixime Dispersible Tablets 200 mg (Rite - O - Cef 200) --400 mg per day
(3) B Complex Capsules with Vitamin E and Zinc (BICO - Z )
(4) Vitamin E Capsules USP (Evion 400) 400 mg per day

For my wife
(1) Hematin Syrup - Four Tea Spoon per day
(2) AM-CLAV 625 (Amoxycillin and Potassium Clavulanate Tablets IP- 1000 mg per day)
(3) Femitrone (10 mg per day)
(4) Folic Acid Tablets I.P. 5 mg - (10 mg per day)

We are just curious and worried, if above prescribed drugs will work or not ? or the medication is really on a good way ?
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