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Low weight gain in baby

Not really a question, just a bit of worrying here.

My little guy was born 5 weeks early--birth weight was 5 lb. 1 oz.  At his 2 month checkup he weighed just over 9lb. At his 4 month visit, he was just over 10lb. The ped was not happy with the low weight gain and asked us to come back in 2 weeks. So we did and now his weight is down to 9.97lb. We have to go back tomorrow for another check and I am praying he has gained even a few ounces. If not, the ped wants to admit him to hospital and have him on a feeding tube until she can figure out if something is wrong with him.

I was strictly breastfeeding him until she recommended adding a couple bottles of pumped milk per day to his schedule. He doesn't seem hungry after he eats, is quite happy and seems full. He doesn't appear dehydrated according to the ped, so I am seriously at a loss as to why he is not gaining.

Has anybody been through something similar?
Thanks for listening to my rant.

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The rule of thumb is that a baby should double their birth weight at 6 months and triple it in a year. That seems to be on target for where he is at, especially considering his low birth weight to begin with. The only thing that could be concerning is the fact that he is dropping weight. They might be considered that based on him being a bit early that he is a "failure to thrive baby", however, I also had a baby born around the same weight as yours and he just gained weight slowly. He's a teenager now and still is skinny as anything (and he eats a ton!) It did help when I was able to give him solids at around 6months- he seemed to gain a bit more then...but honestly some kids are just tinier. Every baby is different. My youngest daughter is also small (she only weighs 15lbs at 6 months) but I've had other children who were much bigger-just their body shape. Breastfeeding is usually the healthiest way to go and if he is not dehydrated, seems content and is reaching milestones, I'd just make sure that once the doc is certain nothing else is going on, that your baby just gets weighed frequently and the weight is being plotted on a growth chart- every baby should have their own growth curve. Some kids are just growing in the 25th percentile.
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oops, should say "concerned" not considered :) Sorry, late at night.
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Hello, So my daughter was also born 5 weeks early and also only weighed 5'1 also she will be a year in about three weeks and she only weighs 14 lbs, yes her doctor was concerned but then I went to the premiee doctor (can't spell what they are actually called) the doctor that was in the NICU everyday when she was born and he said yes she is on the small side but she is doing everything a 12 month old should be doing and she is thriving and she just might be a small girl her whole life.
Are you small or your family?
Is the father small or his family?
And are you breasteeding?
I was breastfeeding and beore I talk to her premiee doctor he other doctor puched and pushed me to stop so I did but I am not happy about it and since I am pregnant again when this child is born (which all doctors are saying it will good chance be early as well I will not be giving up on it)
Hope everything works out or you
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