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I had the Mirena put in back in May. It has been 3 months and I just hate this thing! Has anyone had any problems or bad experiences with the Mirena?
I was fine until a couple of weeks ago. Now every single time I have sex it hurts, especially after the big O (sorry if TMI). I feel so fat all the time..bloated! I hate that feeling. I eat so much more than I used to, therefore I have gained some weight in the last couple of months. I gained a few lbs when I would start up new BC, but then I would go back down to my original weight within the first couple of months. I have bad acne on my face and on my back...NEVER had that before, not even with BC. I have headaches several times a week. I also feel so tired all the time, never feel like doing anything anymore;(
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ME. I hated Mirena. Had a horrible experience and had it pulled after 6 months. I was a miserable, depressed, bloated, acne faced monster with oily hair and constant bleeding. I got it pulled and got the non hormonal copper iud and loved it. Have you tried that one before? Some people have bad experiences with this particular iud. But, I do have a friend who has it and has loved hers. It just depends on the individual.
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Please read this with an open mind...I'm not trying to force it on you!  I just wanted to enlighten you and anyone else who reads this post about the copper IUD/Paragard.  There are two types of IUD...one with hormones (mirena) and one without!!!  Why put hormones into your body if you don't have to!?  

I decided on one after having my son and I think it was the best decision ever!  I decided on the paragard copper iud.  No hormones therefore no increased side effects or cancer scares AND nothing to remember!  I can barely 'remember' to take my vitamin now that I am catering to my little one 24/7.  I'd probably be pregnant again if I had to rely on another form of bc...and that just isn't in our plans for another two years or so.

My ob said an IUD is actually like double birth control because the copper creates an acidic environment (ph level) that sperm cannot live in as well as blocking the 'passage ways' necessary for a pregnancy.

Mumita, another medhelp member had the copper IUD and she was very helpful in making my decision.  She LOVED hers and now I loive mine...SOOOO Glad I did it...

It might be worth at least discussing with your ob to see if it might be a good decision for you.  It was the bc method my ob actually recommended above all else.

ParaGard® may also be an appropriate choice for those patients who want to keep their option of getting pregnant open, but do not plan on becoming pregnant within the next few months.

Nonhormonal ParaGard® may be an appropriate choice for women who:

    * Do not want to take hormones
    * Want the predictability of their natural cycle
    * Want an option with no associated weight gain
    * Are breastfeeding and prefer a nonhormonal option such as ParaGard®
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i also used the paragard and i absolutely LOVED it i used it for 3 years till we decided we wanted to get pregnant and after removing it i got pregnant  within a few months im thinking that after i have this baby im going back on it it was the best birth control i ever had
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IMO, the copper iud is the way to go for any woman who can't deal with hormones, or don't want to deal with hormones and don't want to have a baby in the next few years but may want to leave that option open for the future. The copper iud lasts 10 years as well.
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I've posted SO many times about mine and I keep getting this awful feeling I'm pregnant.  I had mine put in April 14th and I haven't been feeling good at all.  EVERY pregnancy symptom you can think of.  I've been charting my temps every morning because they do tell you to still test after each month and I haven't had a period since getting the Mirena placed.   For the past 3 days, the cramps have been awful, nausea, headaches, lower back PAIN, fatigue, tender breasts, bloating, FEVER (100.3-101.3 for a week now)...I did have a follow up appointment this past Thursday and he has no explanation why I feel like I do.  

I'm not sure what to do.  But I'm glad people are posting on here other then me.  I'd get responses back about how GREAT this is...


I haven't been feeling like myself.  And for those who say you can't get pregnant on Mirena, its a lie too!!  They have no raised the statistics to 8-1000 instead of 1-1000 in the first year...

I ALWAYS made DH pull out!!  I can't stand but think, spending 1,000 dollars on this tiny Mirena, and still getting pregnant would **** me off.  

I constantly get this pain when we're having sex!  Sometimes like this sharp poking thing in my vagina.  NOT FUN!  

I hope we all get feeling better.  

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I had the mirena, and also hated it-  I lasted about 4 months or so and had it removed-  I also had the worst pain right after ovluation, for a few day I would have horrible cramping!  I am on BC right now,  but might look into the copper IUD...  
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Jen,  did you have a lot of heavier bleeding while on the copper IUD?
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tator (and those interested)-yes, I did have heavier bleeding when I had my period but it was manageable. I just used a super plus tampon for a day or two and then regular bleeding the rest of the days. The cramping or length of my periods were not changed. Small price to pay if you ask me!

I highly recommend the copper iud!!
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I hated mirena with a passion. Just recently switched to the Nuva Ring (didn't want to deal with another IUD but I hear copper is the way to go) and am loving it.
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WOW! Thanks to all of you for your great responses! I knew it was that stupid Mirena! My DH doesn't believe me! He thinks I am making this **** up! Whatever!!!! He really thinks I am losing it when I say things about my weight. I know this may sound strange, but every single morning no matter what I ate the night before I would wake up with flat stomach (of course not when I was preggo..lol) and now I wake up every single morning with a bloated stomach! It drives me insane! I swear I look like I am 4 months preggo! I think people will start talking if I don't get this thing out! He just thinks I should wait longer, b/c we had to pay $450 for it b/c my insurance didn't cover it all. My friend just had hers put in last week. I thought she was getting it in later and man I was upset that I didn't get to talk her out of it! My doctor also told me it wasn't going to hurt when she put it in...BULL! That thing hurt so bad!
Does the Copper IUD hurt when going in? Does the Mirena hurt coming out? My Mother-in-law said hers did, worse than going in! I am just so ready for this thing to be out of me! I am not sure my doctor does the Copper IUD! But I will for sure check into it!
With the copper, do you still have regular periods unlike the Mirena? I honestly could careless if I just felt like myself again!
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I had my copper IUD put in about 8w post partum and the speculum was the only thing that hurt...I didn't even realize that my doctor was done!  That day I got some mild cramping and the next day I had some bad cramps and then nothing.  Not sure if the cramps the day after were worsened by the fact that I was exercising vigorously for the first time in a year doing intense ab work was when they came on...I stopped exercising, laid down, hat some ibuprofen and they went away.

Your periods are your natural cycle, which is nice instead of having them brought on by hormones that aren't your body's.  They may be heavier for the first 2-3 cycles BUT my ob said it is nothing that a super absorbency pad or tampon can't handle...some women bleed like that naturally, so no big deal.

Good luck!  Hope you feel better soon!

PS I'm sure your doctor does the paragard/copper...its been around for 20 yrs...
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I did not feel like myself with Mirena either. That's why I call it a NIGHTMARE. Yes, you have your regular montthly period with the copper iud. No, it does not hurt to get the Mirena or any IUD out. I couldn't even feel it. I was surprised how easily it came out! No pain, nothing. I'm sure your doctor does the copper iud as well. No hormones to deal with and you will feel like yourself again, I guarantee it! I do remember a little bit of pinching when the cervix gets clamped and pulled down to get it in, but it wasn't that bad at all. Take Ibuprofen before and you should be fine. Cramping may last for a day or two. I don't know why more people don't get this iud. It seems like the only way to go since it has no hormones. The doctors just don't seem to advertise it as much and that's unfortunate. They are always so big on the latest and greatest but that doesn't always mean the best! Good luck!!
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Thanks again to everyone for all of your help regarding the Mirena! I told my DH last night I wanted it out. He wasn't too happy with me, b/c he just thinks the weight gain comes with you getting older, but I am only 27! I have NEVER had weight problems before...always ranging from 115-125! Today I have felt so nasty...just feel so fat due to the bloating! I am going to ask my doctor about the Copper IUD today;) Wish me luck!!!
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I was reading on their website that they offer 12 month payment plans if your insurance doesn't cover it...  my new insurance doesn't cover birth control,  so I'll have to pay for it out of pocket too...  just something to keep in mind and perhaps ask your doctor about today too!

(paragard is the website I was refering to)
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