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MRI and pregnancy

I had to see a neurologist today concerning the light spots (aura) I see, my left hand going numb, and the headaches. He ordered radiology to do a CT scan. After waiting, and finally getting in the room, the tech asked if there was a chance that I am pregnant. I said Yes, 18 weeks. Long story short, radiology felt that an MRI would be safest. So, I did the MRI.

I am second guessing everything the dr. said, since he ordered a test that his OWN hospital REFUSED to perform on me as a result of my pregnancy.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge w/MRI's or CT scans during pregnancy?
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I just got an MRI done last week and I am 31 weeks.  My ob doc and my doc who ordered the MRI both said it was fine.  There are no tests or anything proving that anything can happen to the baby when getting an MRI.  I was very scared about getting the MRI done, but the place where I got the MRI gave me lots of information on pregnancy and MRI's and everything seemed okay.  But I also didnt have it done on my head.  I had it on my ankle so I was only halfway in the tube thing (I dont know what you call it).  
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MRI is definitely the safer of the two.  There is no radiation with MRI as there is with Cat Scan.  I used to work for an MRI center and we would make the patient sign a lot of forms just stating there is no known testing done on pregnant women and how it effected their pregnancy.  To my knowledge you should be fine but of course I don't have MD after my name either.  Best of luck and I hope everything turns out ok with you.  
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I had an MRI a few weeks ago for the same thing.   My left hand keeps going numb along with my right leg.  The said the MRI was perfectly safe.   Still don't know whats wrong with me.  They thought I was having a stroke.  Pregnancy is scary.  good luck
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Obviously the radiologist would have the latest info on what was safest.....

Your neurologist will review all the findings with him and between the two docs they should figure out what is going on.

ARe you feeling better?  Are the symptoms getting better?
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