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Let me tell you how awesome my GOD is i recently posted a question about my hcg levels dropping from 100,151 on 5/23 to 95,534 on 6/5 and asking if that was normal...however i went and had my ultrasound done yesterday and my baby is still intake measuring 9w2d and a strong heartbeat of 172.  i feel extremely blessed i'm claiming my baby's health in JESUS NAME my EDC is 1/8/07.  I just wanted to post my good news and to tell all of you ladies to just trust in the LORD and everthing will be all right.  MUCH STICKY BABY DUST TO ALL
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I share the same faith as you...except Jesus took my baby on Sunday.  I was 8 weeks 6 days along.  It's been the worst experience of my life but I'm blessed to know that my baby is in heaven now.  I'm so happy for you though, I'm glad everything is working out and I'm thrilled at your excitement and faith that God has let your baby live.  I know that someday that will happen to me too!
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I don't have the same faith, but do wish you and your baby a healthy happy pregnancy! :)

Jan - I'm sorry for your loss. I miscarried at the beginning of May. ((hugs))

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Congrats - that's great news!! He is truly an awesome God and has blessed me and my family in so many ways. I pray every night that he will bless me with a viable pregnancy as well as everyone else on this site. With God all things are possible!!
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I just wantd to encourage you. I am a strong Christian, and I had a m/c last year. It was also the worst thing that's happened in my life too and I still have trouble finding peace in prayer or in reading the Bible. Sometimes peace is very hard to find. Some things that have helped me or encouraged me in faith even when it seems so hard are, I remember the day I found out my baby was lost and I tried to read the Bible which has always given me such peace, and I just could not get peace at all. I read Psalm 77, its really a good one when you are greiving, its about everything bad happening to the Psalmist and he can't seem to feel God near him at all, but he thinks of all the times in the past that God has helped him and that is what gives him peace at the present. Its almost a year later and I still don't feel much peace about losing my first baby but I definitely have other things in life to praise Him for and I can see God blessing me in other ways and that lets me know He's near.
Also, I've learned to not hold back from God. In my prayers I have been very honest with God, even angry at times. Why does he let babies die so early? Don't ever hold back from God, all through the Bible (especially the Psalms, wow, are they honest in their desperation) people are so honest with God and I really think that is a step at a closer walk with Him. He does hear us even when we don't feel it is possible and I think that is how peace starts to come to us.
My m/c has definitely changed me in every way. In life bad things happen, and I just want to be able to rise above the greif and the anger. The Lord is with us and someday we will find out why these bad things happen. My heart goes out to all who have been through it.
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I want to have Faith so bad. God has blessed me with two sets of twins but for some reason I can't feel His love. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm glad you all can feel Him.
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Amen girl!! Our God is an awesome God! So good to hear so many other christian women speaking about what God is doing in their lives. He is so faithful to us when we call upon Him. He cares about even the mundane in our lives. Congrats on your baby!
Maybe I'll get a bundle soon. I've just had m/c #4 and am just waiting on His plan for me. I just started teaching Job and reread the part about Job's reaction to all that had just happened to him. He fell down and worshipped and thanked God. He did not fall down and say, Lord, why are you letting this happen to me. What wisdom! I want to be like this. I have a tendency to say thank you but ........could you please tell me why. HaHa
We humans are so funny. :) I know we tickle Him sometimes.
Blessing girls,
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Thanks so much for your encouragement.  It's such a hard time right now.  I certainly was so angry at God for a couple days.  I kept hearing that song by Casting Crowns "I'll Praise You in this Storm" and I totally couldn't relate.  The last thing I wanted to do was praise Him because I felt like He let my baby die.  I ended up reading a book called "Why" by Anne Graham Lotz.  It talks about when Lazarus dies and how Jesus didn't immedietly go and save him.  All the people mourned and some were angry at Jesus and couldn't understand why he would let this happen.  Little did they know that after only a couple days Jesus would raise him from the dead.  I know that won't happen for my baby but I do know that I am unable to see the big picture in all of this and that there IS a reason, either for my own good and/or for the Glory of God that this happened.  I feel like I have to keep telling this story to people because it helps relieve some of the pain in my heart.
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Praise the LORD.  For He is faithful and His love endures forever.  I have just posted a new thread too to testify God goodness and awesomeness.  Hope it can be an encouragement to all and most important may the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorify and magnify.  God Bless you all.
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I remember all you are going through and the unexpecteness of your new set of twins, and just want to say you are doing very well for someone who has had her life entirely turned upside down even if it is in a good way.  When you hear the pros talk about "Stress Management" and all, they always make a point to say that even good stress is stress, and sometimes it can rob you of the subtle moments that you would be able to enjoy and have inner peace and all that.  I think of the God who sees the sparrow, and that is more real to me than grand images.  I can understand a God that cares that my cat is lost and brings her home safely after a week.  I can't understand a God of larger things so much, in a world where so many larger things are awful things.  Maybe because I'm so small in the scheme of the universe, the best I can do is thank God for things that are also small; I have to leave the bigger stuff alone because I'm not big enough to understand it.  Please don't let it distress or dismay you if in your life right now, with all its stuff going on, you don't think you are feeling Him.  Don't try to feel Him in anything more than the very smallest, sweetest things, and you might get comfort.
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If any of you need any consolation read "Supernatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize.  The book is about experiencing the promises of God concerning conception and delivery.  It gives explicit faith-inspiring testimonies of women who have experienced miscarriages but went on to experience the blessing of childbirth, as well as scriptures and prayers of confessions for conception, pregnancy & childbirth and all circumstances surrounding each stage.

We miscarried in April 06'and we have the peace of God about the ordeal.  We're just having fun trying again.  So many times we limit what God can do and He always works things out for our good.  Our prayer had been for those 8 weeks that our child not be born with any abnormalities or deficiencies and God ultimately honored our request.  Keep trusting in Him.  He knows what's best!
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In my church, we believe that once God gives you a child, it is yours forever, and you will get to raise him/her in the next life. This has given me great comfort since I have had 12+ mc. I know that when I get to the Celestial Kingdom, they will be there waiting for me. God will bless you if you remain true and faithful.
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i know you posted about the stress, anger, and contention in your home. This will drive away the Spirit of God. Find ways to bring Him back inside of your home, and you will feel His presence. Try playing calming music throughout the day, especially uplifting Christian music. Put up pictures of Christ in every room to remind you of his face, and that He is watching you. Pray as a family, and as a couple, and individually. Ask Him to manifest himself in your life, and to open your heart to His love, and Spirit. Ask him for specific things, and to fulfill specific needs. Try to make time to read scriptures daily, or at least a Christian magazine. Doing these things will open your door again for the Spirit of God to dwell inside your home, and bless your family. I hope I don't sound preachy, but I felt like you wanted help. I'd die inside without God.
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Thanks everyone, I've been encouraged just reading these posts. I still get really discouraged a lot though about my m/c last year. I feel like my faith has changed and even some things I used to believe about God has changed. Its also been so hard for me to pick up the Bible and have devotion times or quiet times with Him. Sometimes I truly wonder if God hears my prayers, everything inside of me wants to believe He hears me so bad, but sometimes it seems so impossible. I also wonder why GOd answers some prayers and not others. I don't think it has anything to do with how faithful we are, bad things still seem to happen to the most faithful of people.The only thin I can come up with is that there is evil in the world and sickness and death that affects even the babies in our wombs. God is there to help us through and ultimately bring us through to the other side.
I don't like when people say that God decided to take my baby to heaven because he needed my baby more than I do. I think that is really bad theology and there is no reference to such a thing in the Bible. If it helps someone else to feel better about their m/c then I'm glad for that, but it really doesn't help me much. What about the evil people of the world that die? Does God need them to go to hell right then? I don't understand what it would all be about.
Well anyway, that was my venting. I really am trying to trust in God too for my daily bread, but it can be so hard. I know there are mountains and there are valleys in our spiritual walks, but I think I have been at the bottom of a long valley for a while. It has been really hard for me to find peace lately, but I like what someone said in one of the above posts. Sometimes we just need to focus on the small things and take peace in every little way we can.
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HI Guys i am catholic and theres a a miraculous prayer that i  woul like to share with yourll,  if you are not catholic you can still say it....

O God,  who by the Immaculate Conception
of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
did prepare a worthy dwelling place for Your Son,
we beseech You that, as by the foreseen death of this, Your Son, You did preserve Her from all stain,
so too You would permit us, purified through Her intercession,  to come unto You.
Through the same Lord Jesus Christ,  Your Son, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, world without end.


First, recite the Prayer to the Immaculate Conception.
Then, recite the appropriate prayer of each of the nine days.

Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7  Day 8  Day 9  

the payer is on this site


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