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Maddie ended up in the ER.... =((

Friday night... we were from 9:30ish and they didn't release us until like 2 am!!! =(
She started wednesday from last week with a diarhea spell... and then thursday got better... then friday she had fever... i took her to the doctors which he told me it was just a cold... (and pretty much to suck it up) and she got sent back from daycare... (needless to say i cought hell from my stupid boss for taking off 'again' for my baby!) and at night she was BURNING in fever!!! 103.something!!!!! so I grabbed my stuff and took my little one to the ER!! needless to say, we were waiting and waiting... my poor baby was feeling horrible and was wailing the whole entire time.... she had diahrea, cough, sneezing (not quite runny nose tho...) and a burning fever!!!!
Long story short: she was positive for RSV virus?!?!?!?! WTF is that?!?!?!?!? and then yesterday she developed a rash!!! =( so I googled all this and it came up as Roseola???? that's exactly what the symptoms were! burning fever for 3 or 4 days... no appetite, fussiness, lack of sleep, diahrea, and a rash.... =( it says it's like chicken pox..????

I am so worried about my little one... they said in the ER there's nothing we could do..... it's a virus and it's just a matter of letting it take its own course.... but just taking good care of her..... ARRGH!!!! it makes me sooo frustrated not being able to do squat for my baby girl!!! plus dealing with my not-so-caring boss!!?!!?!??!

I am about to shoot someone... i swear...

girls! i just need  a cyber hug please! =S
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I'm sorry Maddie is so sick.   It's so hard when you can't do anything for them.  
Sending you a BIG HUG!!!!!!!
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Awww huggers vanessa I was wonering where you were, i barely saw you on much.  I hope you lil one has a speedy recovery  poor baby i think another mommy has the same thing not sure maybe new mommy 2007.  lil ppl sick is so heartbreaking.   HUGE E HUGZ!!!!!!!

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Oh no, how terrible! I am so sorry. I hope she is feeling better and you too-I am sure you are a mess. Hugs!
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Aw, it's really scary, my little Cam got it just shy of 10 weeks the first time.  Keep nebbing and do what you can to keep her comfy.  I can't remember how little yours is, but mine both got it young and kept getting breathing issues.  The fever is the worst.  I actually couldn't wait till either one turned 6 months old so I could give Motrin too and rotate.  Cam went to 104.8 at the office with pneumonia and his eyes rolled back.  Scared the heck out of me.  Lots of hugs
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Aaawww, poor Maddie.  I hope she gets better really soon.  Roseola has been going around and unfortunately there isn't anything they can do.  It just has to run its course.  I'm surprised they had you waiting in the hospital.  They usually take sick babies right away.  Jerks.  Sending you hugs from Jayden and I.  Hope you both get some rest real soon and your boss sits on a sharp pointy object.  Heehee.
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Poor Maddie! RSV is a respiratory Viral infection.They cant do or give her anything.Just let it take its course.And her little rash is probably form the high fever.Heat rash.My kids ALWAYS get those rashes after a fever.And FYI, DON'T look up ANYTHING on the internet! They will just freak the poop outta you! So I dont know if you can give Maddie Tylenol yet?I think after 3 mo,you can depending there weight.My kids were chubby.And lots of buggey sucking with the nostril syringe.Julie hated that thing she was always stuffed! So here's a GREAT BIG cyber hug to Maddie & mommie.
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AWEEEE thank you SOOO SOOO much girls!!! =) I feel way better now with all your sweet words and encouragement... it was so tough!!! I hate hate hate to see my little one all helpless just wailing her lungs out and coughing and sneezing.., and looking like a little potato head baby all stuffed up... with weird spots on her...=(

I would take her pain any time for her... but i guess all us mommies can do is just give them lots of hugs and comfort... and keep pounding the fluids.... even when they wear half of it all over.

Dadda stayed at home today to care for her.... i don't know if im nervous about it! lol... i know he's gonna do his best and that they'll both be fine. =)

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Awwww, big hugs from Quinn and me to you and Maddie. Poor thing. I always feel so helpless when they are sick or get hurt.

Yesterday my Mom's 180 lb Mastiff got tangled around Quinn with his rope and took off almost all the skin around her ankle with a nasty rope burn. I felt so bad for her. I know it was an accident but I wanted to shoot that dog.

We do all we can for our little ones by showing them we love them and wishing in our hearts and heads that it was us that was sick or in pain.
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I'm so sorry  RSV stinks. My little guy got RSV 2 winters ago and was in the hospital for over a week with it. Just keep a close eye on her and if you see things getting worse take her back in right away.  It's common but can turn ugly quickly.  Good luck.
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I'm so sorry to hear that, what an awful thing for such a little thing to go thru!! I have never had to deal with any thing like that, my girls have been fairly healthy so far..My friend just had a similar experience with her 7 year old. Runs, throwing up, 104.something fever...they took her to the ER as well and after some fluids was sent home with a viral flu. It was awful for them, they were so worried, as was I! There is nothing you can do for viral illnesses, they have to run their course. I hope Maddie is feeling better soon, Cyber hug coming your way :)
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Oh hon, my eyes get teary just thinking about it.. poor little maddie...

I know it feels like you can't do anything for her, but I'm sure just being there makes her feel a little better...  

Sorry about your A-hole boss too...   :)  

kiss her warm lil'forehead for me..
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Oh my! I am so sorry! None of my boys have RSV but I do know how u feel when it comes to your boss. Is your boss a man? Jus wonderin b/c mine is and it totally sux!! My boys are 3 & 21 mths and any time I have to take off b/c they are sick...I catch hell from him. I'll keep your baby in my prayers and hope that she will recover quickly!!
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Thank you SOOO MUCH everyone!!! I am feeling all warm and fuzzy right now! you girls are the best!!! {=))

She's feeling so much better... she is still fussy... which i think is just that she is tired, worn out and weak from not eating well... having tummy problems... and over all feeling achy! i remember how i feel when i have fever for just 1 day! MISERABLE! i cannot imagine having fever for 3 or 4 days! =(( my poor baby...

I am keeping a close eye on her... she went back, finally, to the baby sitter today... she was doing fine.. this morning she was not fussy at all... just her usual when i wake her up... and then she was her smilley self again! =)

Man... I love her so much... it's almost like now I know how addicts feel when they have withdraws! lol... i am having that with my baby while I'm at work!!! hehehe

Thank you for your sweet words and prayers girls... They really worked! =))

Love you all!!!! xoxoxoxo
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awww I am so glad she is doing better! Poor baby. I hate it when they are sick. They just wanna cuddle to you and it makes you so sad! Curses on your boss from HADES! egads!
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So happy she is feeling well once again.

I thought you were going to look into working from home? Unless that was someone else???

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