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Me and 5 month old dd fell!!!

About an hour and a half ago, I was walking into my house from my car with my dd (she was strapped into her carseat) My ankle twisted, and we fell. I held onto her carseat the whole time so the base was on the ground. She cried for about 2 minutes afterwards, she doesnt have any scrapes, scratches or bleeding. I had her follow my fingers with her eyes and she did fine, she also is acting her normal way. Is there anything else I should be concerned with? I called the hospital and I had to leave a message! Im trying to switch doctors so the hospital she would use I like better you talk to a nurse right away and this hospital you leave a message. She is sleeping now, Im just wondering if there is anything else I need to watch on her? I feel like a horrible mom. I have been so good keeping her protected and now this happened. I feel like ****. I was wondering if I should let her sleep in the bed with me and hubby tonight, to keep an eye on her? Right now her crib is still in our room (she has her own room, but yes shes our first and we are way to over protective)
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Thank God she was in her carseat! Her crying was probably because she got scared. It sounds as if she is alright, and it's good that you have a call into the hospital (hopefully they will get back to you soon).  Just for your own peace of mind I would let her sleep with you tonight. Take care and you can never be too over protective when they're this age.
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i fell with ds when he was 6 weeks old down the stairs..about 7 steps...he too was in his carseat, my friend was across the street and she ran over here, her bf didnt even have time to stop the car she was out...my ds was still sleeping when we got at the bottom of the steps..i screamed and thats when he started crying...i cried all night long..i brought him to the clinic and the nurse/secretery gave me this look and i just began crying..she brought me to see the doc and the doc checked him out...he was fine..the doc said its what babies are meant to do in a way...we flipped with the carseat..apparently i held it close to me while i got every hit...my arm and my shoulder and neck were really bruised...like you my ankle gave out and i went forward and i was trying to hold onto the railing...the doc asked why i was crying and if i was fine..at the time i felt fine...i told him i didnt want him to take my baby away that i was a good mom etc..he laughed and said no no..at least you brought him in...i didnt know whether to bring him in because if i brought him in they could take him from me and if i didnt and sumin was wrong then i would of been questioned why i didnt bring him in...

its scary i know...ds and i both cried all night till the bf got in..i talked to my mom and bawled and bawled and my dad even tried talking to me...my mom reminded me of when she and i fell down the stairs and broke my leg...she even pointed out to imagine how i felt...god i couldnt even imagine...my dad was so happy that they got the stroller with the carseat for ds and that the stroller NEEDS the carseat until ds is a certain weight/age...pretty crazy huh? all in all it was what was best and you know what i too felt sooo horrible...he slept with me that night too and he was fine as the doc said he would be but i wasnt...

carseats save lives and you know what my ds is going to be 5 months on the 12th and he weighs at 14lbs 12 oz and with the carseat he is 10 pounds heavier....i swear this carseat is soo heavy versus the other one i have...(to unstuck me)

let us know how everything is but im sure she is fine..its a scary thing.. I KNOW
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Aw, hon, your little one is just fine! She really was probably scared because she was jolted. And because you got scared, she did too. She didn't understand what was happening.

By the way, babies outgrow infant carseats fast. You should check yours to see when it is time to upgrade. It can be a safety hazard in the car. I found great convertible carseats at Target for $80.

Don't feel like a bad mom. Things happen sometimes!!! You can't keep her protected from everything. I think that is one thing that bothers me as a parent, too. My 2 1/2 year old has been made fun of and embarassed but how can I protect her from that? Or from her friend who taught her the word, "Stupid"? We teach them how to handle those situations and we stand by them, no matter what! If you remember that, you'll spend a lot less time feeling guilty.
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