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Medical Coverage

Can I ask you ladies if you found that your medical has been giving you a hard time lately?  My dd is covered under Personal Choice which is the best covereage you can get here in Philadelphia.  Her father is a union worker so it does not really get much better then that and BOOM, all the sudden I get phone calls about how her prescriptions need pre-approval from the insurance company.  Now because of an insurance company my dd has to wait to start one of her Reflux meds.  She has something to take in the meantime but for her Asthma meds I had to pay out of pocket because I just cant wait around for an insurance company to make up their minds.  It is driving me NUTS!.  The worst part is there is nothing I can do about it.  I hear the same from my co-workers and even the pharmacy.  Sorry I just needed to vent.  Its not like I am getting free coverage - its paid for.  ARGH!
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one of the girls i work with has health insurance through her husband, who works for the union, and had a couple of problems recently. she got a bill from her daughters ped. charging her for routine immunizations saying insurance wouldn't pay for it and had to fill out this strange form explaining why she had to go to the emergency room a few weeks back, as if they still hadn't "decided" if they would cover it. we live in nj. so, i dunno.
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I have health insurance through my husband but our insurance tells you ahead of time if they will cover something. some times you can request a list of what they do and do not cover. but i live in oregon, so it could be really different. good luke to you.
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