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Menstrual cycle after miscarriage (second period)

Hi! I had a natural miscarriage on July4th. After the bleeding stopped completely, I waited for a month and got my first period, which seemed very normal, no pain, no problems, maybe just slightly on a lighter side. Then, to my complete surprise, I got another period only 20 days later. Usually, my cycles are 30 days apart, but this time it was a 20 day interval, the period is slightly heavier and I wake up in the morning with a mild backache. Is this normal?
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This is normal. I had 2 m/c's during Mar-May and after the second m/c, I had a short cycle then after that I had a 32 day cycle. Then I had 2 periods in one month. Now I am preggers again, 6 weeks 2 days. I wasn't even trying again, I was relaxing!!! I love how things can work out....Take Care sweetie!
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Hi girls! I am going sort of thru the same here!
My m/c was back in July the 3rd, after that i had a very light period 5 1/2 weeks later (almost just spotting) then after that one i think i had implantation but it failed and now i am getting my 2nd. AF after my m/c which looks pretty normal to me (heavy though, i almost wanted to go to the ER the first day!) but now it's almost over.....they say that you can conceive after the first normal AF...so i don't really know what's gonna happen. I don't know whether to use an OPK this month or just send it all to heck and go back to my regular normal life....
I've been thru so much pain in the past 3 months is not even funny, and last week that i got my faint + and then AF i sank all the way to the bottom. Now, i don't want to put too much effort into the ttc thing cuz i feel i am done with the pain!...too much to handle, so, i don't know yet if i will be buying the OPK or not.....
I might get a puppy in the mean time to put my mind and heart somewhere else (my parents are leaving soon after being here for 3 months...so, i have this sense of lose incredibly hurtful!) Good luck to you guys!
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Completely normal.  Your period will most likely be back to normal this next cycle.  I'm very sorry for your loss.
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Sorry to take space to ask this question....
How likely am i to conceive after this first 'normal' AF? should i wait longer than 3 calendar months and 2 AF's?
Thanks in advance =)
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Hey Vanessa!  I haven't been on my computer so today is the first time I've seen your post.  I am so sorry that SHE showed her ugly face.  Try not to dwell on it too much.  I know it's hard, but you'll drive yourself nuts otherwise.  Try and look on the bright side, it's only been 2 cycles for both of us so far, a lot of the women on here have been waiting for 12 or more.  So in that sense, you and I are very fortunate.  Plus, we already know we can get pregnant, it's only a matter of time.  Go get that puppy and just have fun for a while.  xoxox
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I just wanted to say sorry for your loss.  I think it's perfectly normal.  Your body may take a few cycles to regulate itself.  I just had my 2nd af since my d&c 6/27.  Good luck to you and baby dust to us all.
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