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Mentrual Symptoms Vs. Early Pregnancy Symptoms


Many young women often think they might be pregnant at one point or another. My question to you is this:

What symptoms of early pregnancy are different than that of mentrual symptoms?

Reason I ask is that friends often come to me for advice because they think they are pregnant. It seems that it's hard to tell early on because symptoms of both are similar. So how do you know if it's time to take a pregnancy test, or if you should opt not to because it could only be symptoms of the onset of menses?

How do you know if you haven't started your period because you're pregnant or because you are stressed, or both!?!

Clearly not one question...I apologize. I seem to be the one needing the advice now that no one can seem to give me. Not even myself. Thanks for listening.
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OMG I can't spell! *Menstrual*

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most docs will tell you that you should only test if you have missed a period. this is becuase the early PG symptoms are exactly the same as menstrual symptoms. womens symptons can vary with every cycle and/or pregnancy. the only way to be 100% sure if you are PG or not is to take a home pregnancy test at around 14 days after ovulation or the day after a missed period. if the test is positive than the doctor will perform a urine and blood test to confirm. if the test is negative, wait 3 days and see if menses arrives, if not test again. if still negative see a doctor and have blood levels drawn to make a 100% diagnosis. there is no sign or symptom that will tell you for sure you are pregnant before a test will. i have been pregnant many times and most of them i 'knew' a week after conception. but i had the same symptoms during some of my monthly cycles too. i hope this helped.

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kimmie has it right. Wait till you miss a period, if neg wait a few more days to a week.  If neg and you are worried, see a doc.  Otherwise wait it out and you will probably start.

I had overwhelming nausea before I missed periods with both my boys.  Not subtle; very, very, very bad nausea, sometimes vomiting, and an aversion to any strong odors.  That's the only symptom I think is different than just premenstrual symptoms.
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Thanks Kimmie and Christy. You've made me feel better. Now I think I can relax and focus on something else. lol.

Thanks again,

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I really need answer asap, and there is no room to post right now. I am having cramps, I'm on day 10 of cycle. Could this be associated with ovulation? Feels like AF cramps. Also increased cm, but not egg white. More white and creamy. Thanks for answers!!! God bless!
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as 'o' approaches your discharge will get more abundant. cramps are normal too....the overy that is releasing the egg swells and the cyst bursts to release the egg. this swelling causes cramps in a lot of women. it sounds normal to me. a week before 'o' is about the time i get those overy type cramps. if it becomes more than the normal twinging and pinging pain see you doc. the CM will thin out as 'o' approuches....it is just getting more abundant right now. white and creamy is the usual non ovulating type discharge. it will start to change in the next few days. hope this helped.

love, hugs, and baby dust....kimmie
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Thanks, cramps have stopped now, had a twinge on lower left side, kind of like that "bursting" you described. Yet, cm hasn't thinned out. Can you "o" without discharge becoming like that? I calculated fertile days as today/tomorrow. I have about a 26 day cycle. So today is day 11, tomorrow day 12. Just curious. Me and hubby bd'ed today anyways. Lol. God bless!=)
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im always irregular so i used the birth control to help me regulate my period each month. I got my last period and stopped takign the bc and during the 3 months i stopped taking,  i didnt do nething. And i didnt get my period which is normal for me. I started to get period cramps and all the above and ended up having sex and i was still off the pill for 2-3 months. I took the morning after pill and got my period exactly 7 days later. it stopped after 3 days and then the next day i started to spot and bleed again alil only that day and had cramps and all the period symptoms again. i took the preganancy test twice and it was negative. but i feel like i still have some cramps here and there, my breasts are sore or anything but i am still really really paranoid and hoping this is abst normal since my cycle is so messed up and i dont even know when my next one is and i hope this isnt any kind of sign of pregnancy. pelase help with any kind of answers/explanation!
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I had miscarried back in the first week of august. my boyfriend and i decided to take some time and wait a little longer on having children. we thought it was best considering situations here at home. i got myself back on birthcontrol and we also have been using condoms so we have been extra safe. well, when the end of my bc came around, my period didn't. i have taken test after test and all say negative. Its been a month and a half since i started bc again, but just last week, my right breast had become tender (same one as last time when i was pregnant, weird i know just one) and i've been cramping. i'm suppose to get my period next week but these symptoms started to early for me to think its not another pregnancy. I'm going to go nuts if i dont get an answer now lol
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Hi there...my husband and I are trying to get prego to no avail.....I am a young helathy 23 year old women with 2 children already....my question is......my expected period is supposed to come in exactly 2 weeks to the day for about 4-5 days I have been experiencing very sore tender breast while walking....to the touch etc....I've been feeling period like cramps starting yesterday....so I am just wondering if these could possibly be early pregnancy symptoms.....also we have been making love every night since the lsat day of my last period just to be sure.....in case I mess up on my ovulation day......any opinions would be much appreciated.....

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You may want to consider Natural Family Planning, which can assist you in determining your fertile days vs non-fertile days by evaluating your mucus.  I know it sounds crazy but it is amazing.  I love it and we have successfully gotten pregnant using NFP and we have also had intercourse while avoiding pregnancy succeefully as well.  Call your local Catholic Church to find an instructor.  Minimla charge that is well worth it if you are anti-birth control like me.  I think medical remedies to a natural process in a woman's cycle is disruptive on a woman's body.  Clearly a male planned idea and not a good one.  There are som many wonderfule natural remedies in the world.  WHy not take advantage of them as they have no negative ramifications on one's body.
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Okay so my partner and I use condoms but, I do not take birth control due to a strange reaction and doc saying no. Anyways, my last period was June 26th and I'm due 23rd-24th. I've taken one preg within timeline of 4 days early which was neg. BUT I've notice more discharge than I think I norm. get,fatigue,breast tender to touch,severe mood swings(worse than my normal PMS),food cravings,nausea,acne then clear & almost a glow I notice to my face(maybe just me),itchy all over(odd),extreme increase in sex drive(I know strange but, this is way way way more than normal. I'm pretty normal or above normal a bit on craving normally but, right now I can eb in a work meeting and FOR NO REASON start having crazy cravings for my man..I know this sounds funny but, it's very odd..Anyone else experience this ? ),and I just feel I am. I remind myself it could be my nerves producing some and maybe pre-period(but some started almost 2 wks ago..?) I'm unsure and am waiting to see if the period comes tom or Sun. in the meantime I'm going nuts wondering what the odds really are....What do you think?
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