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Milk Supply going down with Fenugreek and Brewers Yeast????

I started these 48 hours ago and I am actually pumping out less milk than before.  DD is also not staying on breasts very long.  This is sooo bizarre.  Any explaination?  I am so desperate to increase my supply.
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Wow, I heard drink LOTS & LOTS of water.  Also, maybe the more you put the baby to the breast it may stimulate the milk supply, pump more often, (maybe I'm grasping at straws for you) :)
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I am having the same on and off problem.  Last nite I pumped 2oz and then this morning I pumped 6oz.  I am doing the fenugreek and I drink a dark beer at night.  It seems like my milk is inconsistent and no matter how much I pump or he nurses does not matter.  I notice that the more fenugreek I take I have more milk so I am upping it to 4x a day instead of three. Also I started eating smaller snack meals and that has seemed to help a bit.  Trial and error I guess.  Not much help but I feel your pain.
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during my daughter's stay in the NICU one of the nurses told another mother to drink a couple beers, pump twice and throw it out, then her milk supply should increase.  i'm sure she said it was because of the yeast.  dh and i don't really drink, but i remember when i did when i bf ds my boobs seemed to grow with every beer i drank!  good luck
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Same here...My milk supply varies. I heard it depends on your hormones (again those little bastards!)  I also have to pump regularly.  I'm sooo bad with that.  I can feed her and not pump until my next feeding.  I must become more regular or I'll pay the price!
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I have read on this forum pretty faithfully for about a year and a half. It is so important to have a place where women can support and inform each other.  I am considerably older than most of you and have a dd and a ds both in their twenties.  My dd has just had my first grandchild and so I have gotten back into the whole baby thing with all of its feeding, pooping and crying issues!  I nursed my two, and my daughter has succesfully nursed her son for the last six months and plans to continue for the near future.  She has just started cereal this week and he has gone from his birth weight of 6lbs 12oz to 18lbs just on breastmilk.  Our bodies were meant to feed our children, and medical issues aside, trust your body and your baby.  If your milk supply is down nurse more often and drink lots of liquid.  I made my daughter shakes made of yogurt, bananas, milk and ice cream and when she nursed she would drink them.  Pumping isn't as efficient as your baby nursing so nurse as much as you can.  Relax, relax, relax and don't overthink the issue.  Just respond to your baby's needs and enjoy.  By the way my daughter works fulltime and from nursing has lost every bit of her 30 or so pregnancy lbs.
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Wow, seems lots of women are posting about this lately. I also had a huge decrease in supply after going back on the pill. I tried fenugreek, pumping more (though I probably could've even more), and increasing water w/no results. My last try is w/ a drug called Motilium. Research it on the internet- you can buy it from Canada w/out a prescription at www.globalhealth.tv for around $40. I'm trying beer again!
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