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been having heavy bleeding im probably about 4 weeks, and my bleeding is so heavy i have to change pads twice with in 1 hour and a 1/2.... cramping on left side, and right, more on the left, feels like someone is sqweezing my overies,.....is this sign of me going to have a miscarriage, this is my 2cnd pregnancy....?
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if its that heavy you need to go to the ER. Theres no harm in getting checked out, the worst they can say is that your alright. It does sound like a miscarriage but some women do bleed on occasion during pregnancy. I wouldnt wait to make an appt with my dr i  would just go to the ER just to be safe
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If your filling 1 pad or more per hour you need to get yourselff down to a&e also the colour of the blood is important unfortunatly a red or bright red isnt good as its new blood, like manroe has said i wouldnt wait atleast while your there they can scan you and check if your cervix is open or closed.

I hope all is well and my thoughts are with you.
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I'm going through a similar situation. I started spotting about 2 wks ago. I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound. I heard the heartbeat but they said I was measuring 6w2d and I had calculated that I should be over 7wks. They put me on bedrest and pelvic rest till the bleeding stopped. It stopped and my bf and I had sex. The next morning I woke up covered in blood.  I bled for about 5 days like a period with some clots...one day I had a big clot. I've stopped bleeding for about 3 days now...but I'm gradually loosing my pregnancy symptoms like bloating and breast soreness...I'm really sad. I know I've lost it. I have a doc appt Wed...but I already know what I am going to hear. :,(
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well my blood is very bright red, blood clots, and all my pregnancy test are coming up inaccurate, my cramps are very bad, and my breast are not very sensitive, and my stomache looks like its going down, i have stopped feeling bloated since the heavy period started...how long does it take for a miscarriage to happen?
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as well....along with my periods it feels like a have to use number 2 all the time,
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I had a miscarriage on the 28th jan it started with cramps like a period and really bad back ache I was 9 weeks and 3 days. only had a light blownish pinkish staine to begin with. the pain was the worst, then the baby came from me and after that I had clots and heavy bleeding for about 6 days. I went to the docs on 26th cos of pain. if in doubt I say go to the hospital not the doctors as i did. there is always hope tho best of luck.
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