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Missed Miscarriage VS hgc

Hi agaian,
Still no news on my end as far as my "missed miscarriage" is concerned???  I would technically be going on 3 wks today with no spotting, bleeding cramps, fever, pain, dicomfort.  Still feeling all, or most of my symptoms.  I see my Dr. on the 18th, this wed., to see what she says about all of these stupid ultrsounds.  But, does anyone know if 3 weeks PLUS, is abnormal for a "missed miscarriage", could it be that my baby is still alive inside me after all, and that my tech made a mistake?  Does anyone know if there is still hgc in a mothers body if the baby has been "dead" for 3 wks+?  Is it just me trying to clutch onto anything and everything in the hopes that our baby might still make it?
Thanks for all of your support everyone, will keep you posted?
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My baby passed at 5-6 weeks.  No hb ever developed and I finally had a d&e at 9 weeks because my body would not expel the pregnancy and yes my HCG was still rising.

It was at 46500 the day of my d&e.

So you are 3 weeks meaning you are only overdue for your period by 1 week?

Is that right?  When was your last period?  Or are you 3 weeks from when your period was due?
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No, 3 wks, meaning 3 wks "dead".  My LMP was Jan 27, 2007.  But my Ultrasounds are all out of whack.  I think it sounds more like what you exp., my body is just not expelling our baby, here is what i posted a few days ago...**I found out i was finally preg. on March 2nd, 2007. Had my first Ulrasound March 14th, my tech (whom i have worked with for 4 years, and trust) said i was only 5.2 weeks along, a little off according to my EDD, my dr said i should be at 7-8 weeks. Which is understandable, nothing is ever certain. They are just estimates after all? There was a gestational sac, a yolk sac, but no fetal pole visible. My tech said come back in 3 weeks, just to give it sometime, and we sould see more by then. 3 WEEKS LATER, April 2nd, i went in again. We saw the baby, but did NOT see a heartbeat, AND according to the u.s., i was only at 6.4 weeks. Which made ZERO sense to me. Logically, i should have been at 8+. My tech said plan for the worst hope for the best, and to come again next week, just incase he was wrong, and to give it a chance. I did my 3rd U.S. yesterday, April 9th and i am still at 6.4 weeks with no heartbeat.**...Thanks to all of you for all of your support and understanding.
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My first m/c my baby stopped growing between 10-12 weeks.  I didnt know until I went for my first checkup at 15 weeks.  I had no signs except I didnt feel pregnant at all and my breasts hadnt grown at all.  2nd time baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and I found out b/c of light cramping and had an u/s done.  I hope you get good news.
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Yeah - it sounds a lot like my last m/c.

I made them do 3 u/s to be sure.  At 8.5 weeks my last u/s was done and without a doubt my husband and I knew the baby was gone.

So I scheduled the d&e for when I would have been 9 weeks.  They even did a hcg count two days before the d&e and on the day I had it just to be sure.

It was pretty clear as the levels only increased about 2000 within those 2 days.
It was the hardest decision I ever made because my heart kept hanging on.

I had 2 previous m/c earlier in the year and both natural.  I really wanted this to be natural too but my husband really needed closure.  This hit him hard....real hard...because there were questions and no answers.

The big 'what if'
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I had a missed miscarriage at 20 weeks.  I had no symptoms, just went in for my 20 week appoit. and they found no heartbeat, but I had them send me to a specialist, a doctor who specializes in these sorts of issues and they confirmed that the baby had lost the heartbeat.  Make sure you have them check one more time, but that sounds like what happened.  i had a d&c done, I do not know if you had considered that or not. I hope the best for you.
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I would prefer to miscarry naturally.  But i guess i will do what my Dr. recommends?  If i do not start to miscarry soon, and there is nothing left to save, or hang on to, then i guess i will have no choice.
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