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Morning sickness....Please help!!!

I have been really sick with morning sickness...does anything else help besides crackers...crackers don't seem to work with me...any input would be great
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Tough to say everyone is diffrent I would drink milk or try to lay down. When I was at work it was horible I would have to rest my head on my desk for a few minutes just to get through it. Good luck mine went away around 13 weeks or so
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Call your doctor.  There is no reason to suffer needlessly when there are medications (Zofran, Phenergan, etc.) that can help.  I went weeks avoiding asking for meds and ended up with hyperemesis in the hospital.  (Although that isn't common and probably won't happen to you.)  If your morning sickness isn't too bad, medication may get it under control and make life tolerable until it passes.

If you are completely against medication, there are a lot of morning sickness remedies that either work or don't work, so you'll just have to test them out yourself and find what does the trick for you.  There are SeaBands wrist cuffs (sold at pharmacies).  Ginger, sucking on lemons or lemon drops, clear sodas, etc. etc.  Of these, only lemon drops helped me, but tore up my mouth from sucking on them all day.  In my opinion, most of the morning sickness cures suggested to me help people who aren't suffering too much to begin with.  Again, if this is interrupting your daily functioning (work, home life, etc.), call your doctor.  Anti-nausea meds have been used with thousands of pregnant women who went on to have healthy babies.  

Best wishes, and I hope you start feeling better soon.
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Canada Dry (Ginger Ale)... this worked WONDERS for me.. even though I would feel like **** once I was finished. I would go through about 3 cans while at work. Also, try hard candies to suck on throughout the day.. but make sure to brush after your done.

Ginger things in general are supposed to be pretty good.. but try the Canada Dry. :) Hope this helps.
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As the other ladies well know, I have been dealing w/ morning sickness since 6 weeks and I am now 11 weeks and am deeply affected by it, however, I am really, really sick at night, not in the morning. I have tried every single thing that everone, including my docs have told me to do, and nothing has helped me at all. I hope you don't have it to this degree, but if you you, I can honestly say, that unfourtunately, I have found nothing helps..I'm just waiting for it to go away on its own..One thing I can suggest is ginger tea..It helped me a little, but it was very spicey and ended up giving me heartburn...My you could try that but make it weak so it isn't as strong..Good luck, I hope unlike me, you find some relief..  :)
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Ginger snaps and fruity pop (i.e. purple and red) helped me a bit, but nothing truly eased my stomach ... however, it did help to dull it. Lemon candy is also supposed to be really good. Preggie pop drops were something else I tried that worked a bit.
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If you cannot function ask for meds.

I have all day sickness....I have been on meds for 6 weeks now and they are helping.

On a happier note, some women have no ms after about 12 weeks.
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Try keeping something on your stomach every 2 hours during the day. It really helps and doesn't have to be fattening. Fruits, veggies, etc. Also, try taking your prenatal after evening dinner. Hope this helps, it can be so miserable. But, when that placenta kicks in and starts doing it's job with the hormones, relief should come! Best wishes!
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Thanks..I'll ask about it next visit...
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Have you tried taking phenergen? It's for motion sickness/pregnancy sickness, and tends to make you sleepy. If you're having it at night, it might even help get you to sleep. Ask your doctor about it if you get a chance. Mine wrote me a prescription for it.
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I am knee deep in the middle of nausea (7w1d pg with twins) and I know how unbearable it can be.  Odd as this sounds, Chex Mix seems to help me along with lemon-lime gatorade.  Anything carbonated makes me feel worse.  My dr. said if it gets worse that they will call me in something.  I've tried OTC Emetrol, which doesn't help that much.

My best friend had a pharmacy compound Phenergan into a topical patch that she wore behind her ear and it worked wonders.  I'm going to do that, too, if mine gets worse.  She said that the Phenergan patch didn't make her drowsy like regular Phenergan would.

Hope your yuck days end soon!
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Lemon water and green apples worked for me!  I am sorry you are sick!  Mine ended right at 12 weeks.  I hope you feel better soon!  
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