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My 14 month old.

My DD is almost 15 months old. She has been scratching people more and more lately. Like today she grabbed my arm and dug her nails into it. Of course i repremanded her for this. But it worries me..... she is also very aggressive towards stuffed animals. She has never shown aggression toward another child, but i have one on the way and I dont know what to think..... Is this normal? Will she grow out of this? Is there some way I can show her how to be more gentle....
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Sorry, I can't say what is "normal" for a 15 month old, b/c my dd is only 10 months.  Maybe try to teach her a more appropriate gesture such as light touch or hug or kiss instead of scratching.  I remember reading post where Anniebrooke did something like that with her son.  Maybe she will see this post and respond.  Can you pinpoint why she is doing it?  Is she tired, frustrated, etc.?  Good luck!
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i have no clue why she did it today. we were having a good time, she was getting attention, i have no clue. She is normally a sweet girl loves to give hugs and kisses.
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My son is almost 10 months and about a month ago he started grabbing at faces.  Sometimes it was out of nowhere and other times you could tell it was because he was trying to get your attention.  Since then I've just been trying to teach him how to be gentle.   I usually tell him "no" of course and then say "be gentle" and then take is hand and to my face with a gentle touch.  When he responds gently, I start kissing his little hand.  
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The twins will be 11 months this month on the 24th and Brodie has started grabbing the cat and pinching me and Doug - we reprimand him in the slightest, but he's too young to understand just yet.  He throws a tantrum when he gets in trouble.  He's going to be our trouble maker.  

So I'm not much help, but it might just be a phase they have to go through!!
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P.S.  Great to talk to you again - I've missed you guys!!!!
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