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My child can't open eyes in sunlight

Dear All,

I have twin sons. Now they are 3 years old. one of them have problem from start that he can't open his eyes in sunlight and can't see easily TV screen or any mobile screen. while in room light he remains normal and can c all things from a needle to all big stuff.
He has another problem in one of his eyes (i think right eye) that his black ball keeps shivering.

I m really worried about all this, plz tell me about this in detail. and how can i recover it?
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Your best option would be to take him to an eye Dr to have this checked out.   No one on here is going to be able to tell you want to do and a medical professional is your best bet.
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Along with having the child examined by the eye specialist (sooner rather than later), I would also put him in dark sunglasses in sunlight.  It sounds like he is protecting his eyes by shutting them, and if they need protection, they should have it or there might be permanent damage.
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I have examined him by an eye specialist. He examined him by giving him anesthesia in the age of 1 and half years. and then same checkup happened in the age of 2 years and 3 months.
Dr said that this is by birth problem and can not be treated by any medicine so just keep it going. Some times patient will recover from it or some time not.

But believe me i m really worried, bec he has to go school now and i also want him to perform activities like other children in sunlight.

Plz give any suggestion. I m from Lahore Pakistan.
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What has the doctor said it is,  hammaad?  What diagnosis has he given your son?
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Right now i dont have his file, so i do not remember what term or name  Dr used. But he said that this is by birth problem and can not be treated by any medicine. Any way i will tell u the exact term Dr used.
But i think i have given the idea. So can u plz guide in this regard?
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hammaad,  without knowing what the diagnosis is,  I don't think anyone here can help you.  

For me,  it's hard to imagine a diagnosis of a child who's eye "shivers" and who can't open his eyes in sunlight,   where the child is expected to recover  without any medical intervention.  

I also can't imagine a condition like the eyeball movement where there isn't some intervention that can be done.

Is there any way you can find out the diagnosis?  
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Dear sir,

when the baby born after the some month i feel the problem i have few doctor ask baby head vain and back vain is week
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Dear Hammad

Sorry to hear your sons problem. I have the same problem worh my son. Exactly the same problem like your twins have. And the doctor says that there is no treatment at all.
I am so curios to find out how your twins are now. Do they have any improvements now. Would you pls share your story so that it can help many families like mine.
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