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My son is stuffed up and it wont go away

My son is 4.5 months old. since he was 1 month he has been VERY stuffed up and always seems to have a hard time breathing. We have taken him to the doctor several times now and all they keep saying is he has a cold. But he has been "sick" for 3.5 months now. He seems to get better when we get out and about, but the docs say it cant be allergies yet. We give him a nebulizer treatment everyday and it only gets better for an hour or so. If you have ever had a relly stuffy nose that is how he sounds. I am at a point where i do not trust the medical staff anymore, no one is sick with a cold for 3 months. I am here as a last ditch effort to find an answer. I am pretty much begging for help. I have no idea what to do and i am scared i will wake up one morning and he wont. Someone please help me to find the answer. Thank you all for your time.

Gabriels Dad,
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dust mites/??  have you tried an air purifier?  put the dust mite mattress gard on his stuff...  

My daughter had a stuffy nose for 7 years.. really for all 7 years.. and we found out it is dust mites...

on the other hand.. my brother was always a mouth breather and his alergy was corn.. go figure...

I would try to do research into dust mites and clean up it is very common as they are everywhere and we are allergic to their feces...   good luck

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Honestly, it can be possible for a baby to be stuffy for this long without being ill. Their nasal passages are very narrow and they do not have the ability to clear mucous like we do. In addition, there may be something irritating his nasal passages cause them to produce more mucous. For example, my house is exceptionally dry. We notice on rainy days her breathing is much better because the humidity levels are higher. We have humidifiers running, but they don't do enough in our home in the winter months. Anytime one of us showers, the other tries to bring the baby (also 4 1/2 months) into the bathroom for a steam treatment and we see an improvement. Since the nebulizer does help with the congestion temporarily, it's possible that more humidity would help him as well.

What do you do to try to ease his congestion? There is mixed info on the use of nasal aspirators. Some say that using it too often can irritate nasal passages and cause the baby to get stuffier. We use it only a couple times a day to clear out plugs, and i also make sure to use saline at least 2 or 3 times a day to soothe her nasal passages. Saline can also help prevent this normal congestion from turning into an infection. That also seems to help. Make sure to run a cool mist humidifier by his bed. Also, you can try sleeping him on an incline. My first was actually much more congested than this little one, and sleeping her on an incline helped a lot.
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Between the small nasal passages of a baby and possibly irritating the situation with an aspirator (those bulb things that people use to clear the nose), all it would take is to add just a little bit of an allergen to the mix, to make the baby's nose stay stuffy.  I don't think the doctors are entirely correct when they say it is too early for allergies.  I agree with the ladies above about a possible irritation from exposure to something the baby is allergic to, such as dust mites or even something in the formula (if the baby is not on breast milk).  Do your best to test this by changing one thing at a time, so you know which thing seems to be adding to it.  In other words, try a cool-steam humidifier, see if it changes anything, then try a dust-mite barrier, see if it changes anything, etc.  Don't change several things at once, because then you will never know which the baby is sensitive to.  Good luck!
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