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Good Morning Ladies,

I reached my due date on Saturday and nothing so I am 40 weeks pregnant and being induced on Friday.
Here is my concern.....the last week I have been beginning to experience some pain in my groin, pelvic and lower back area but it is mainly in my inner thight (groin) area. I have never experienced this throughout the entire pregnancy either. The pain was not intense at first but has gotten so bad over the last few days that I am having a difficult time walking. Even changing positions is very painful. Pretty much if I sit still or lay down and don't move at all it only aches a little but if I move the slightest bit I want to cry. Has anyone ever had pain this bad in past 40 weeks of pregnancy or at the end of pregnancy. I am worried that within a couple more days I will not be able to walk at all and NO, it is not round ligament oain...it is not even in that area.

Thank you for any advice, I really appreciate it!
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Yes, I was 36wks & when I was sitting in the floor it all the sudden felt like my baby was resting right on my bones (like crowning) needless to say I had him a few days later :) LOVE & PRAYERS
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my mom had really bad pains when she was pregnant with my little sister 20 years ago.. It could be that your baby is putting pressure on your nerves.. (OUCHY).  If you are that uncomfortable i would definately call the Dr. and see if they cant induce you earlier!!

i hope your labor and delivery are quick and uncomplicated.. :)
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Sounds like baby is getting ready to make his entrance into the world soon!  Best wishes this friday (or sooner) :)
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