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NEED HELP! I need to know how to get labor going naturally so I don't have to be induced!!!

Can anyone give me some suggestions of how to get labor started? I am 3 days past my due date, and because I want to have a natural, drug-free birth, I don't want to get to the point where my docs want to induce me with Pitocin. Please tell me what's worked for you! Thanks!!!
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What have you tried so far? Here's a few ideas, steady walking and other little exercises like squatting, hot curries, sex, apparently using Evening Primrose Oil.
Have you tried Raspberry Leaf Tea?
I had to be induced 11 days early because of pre-eclampsia so I didn't have a natural labour/birth, but I hope it all goes well for you. Let me know how ya go.
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I feel like I've done everything! I've been taking Evening Primrose, walking, sex...nothing seems to be helping...anyone have any other ideas?
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I've heard of doulas coming in and doing a four finger calf massage, also nipple stimulation but be careful with anything that you try the baby will come when its ready. Goog luck! I was 8 days late and they used Pitocin however I still did it naturally so its possible. Keep us updated!
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I was induced with both my girls, there really isn't anything that can help except when the baby says here I come.  Being induced can have some benefits, you know that you are going to be at the hospital, you know it won't be some weird time in the evening, but it can be harder since the contractions usually come on stronger.  Talk to your baby and say we are waiting.
My first little girl was two weeks late and I was induced
My second I chose to be induced because I didn't want to have her on Christmas day, so I had her 22nd of Dec.  good thing because I was starting to dialate when I got induced so I probably would've had her Christmas or at least been in the hospital.  This way I came home Christmas Eve.  Funnier then that was the day I had her it snowed 22 inches, our city is lucky to get an inch of snow each year so our city was in state of emergency.
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Both times I was scheduled for an induction, I went into labour the day before, I guess it was fear!!

Here's some of the things I tried:

1. sex
2.  bumpy roads
3.  Mexican food
4.  any food with basil and oregano
5.  Kentucky Fried Chicken
6.  Evening primrose oil both orally and vaginally
7.  long walks
8. desperate prayers and pleading with God

I'm sure there were others, you would think I could remember, the baby is only 2.5 weeks old.

Good luck.  Your little one will soon be here.
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Oh, and I tried Raspberry leaf tea and had a terrible allergic reaction....
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I was induced all three times and went without pain meds for the last two. I had a really long labor with my last one, dragging on for more than a day just to get to 5cm, but from 5-9 happened in a matter of a couple minutes,literally.

I certainly preferred the security of being in the hospital versus risking being on the side of the road the way my second two deliveries went, by the time I would have realized I was in labor, it would have been too late to make it in ; )

Aside from walking or sex, I would avoid any type of at home inductions. Too risky.
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I heard Castor Oil works (shields body from all the flying objects being thrown at her)
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I also heard castor oil.
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I had to be induced twice, but was in a good contraction pattern when I got there.  Maybe they will just need to break your water.  I did not have any luck, but did not try the castor oil.  Pretty much it cleans out your system and the cramping can sometimes bring on labor.  I was ready to handle pitocin first.  Good luck!
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Castor Oil, but there is a whole big controversy going on about that...some say it causes baby to pass meconium in utero, I forgot what exactly it was called, kind of rusty here.  You can look it up on google.  Another thing that worked for me was A LOT of walking, you don't have to go fast.  My labor started on a day before my due date...I walked all morning that day.
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lol - wish I knew what to tell you - do you have have friends with a trampoline?  just kidding! lol
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How about a pogo stick!
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poke yourself lightly in the tummy.. tell the child he needs to come out.. reason  with him.. explain to him that he has to come out because you do not wish to be induced.. explain the pros and cons to him.. make him see your point.
if that doesnt work.. well..lol.. i hate to say this.. this is really hard to say.. but.. he will come out.. when he wants.. there are alot of things that you can try.. but.. in the end.. its all up to the baby..lol..  sex seems to work for alot of people... it worked for one of my kids..i have gone into labor naturally.. from doing nothing.. and i have been induced.. after walking around 5 centimeters for weeks.. the important thing to remember.. KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!! I went into labor with heather after i ate chinese food.. go figure. LOL  after alll.. whats most important.. is that your baby is healthy.. and YOU are healthy..go relax.. take a nice warm bath... allow your body to relax.. to feel calm.. you never know.. maybe he is waiting for that moment.. when you are calm.. zane did that.. after much freaking out. going past my due date.. here he starts labor.. at 3 17 am..
everything will be ok .. think positive!
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thanks for all your suggestions!!!!
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I was induced with 3 out of 4 babies. The only thing I think that was different was, with the 3rd, I was a week or 2 over, and we went fishing and I tripped over, next morning I woke up in labour. Nothing really works though, even the doctor trying to stretch the cervix, they come when they want to.
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Yup go ahead and schedule that induction....like an above poster said that's the best way to get him out.  My doc told me if you schedule your induction it's the best way to go into labor and I did the next day.
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I did nipple stimulation.  It releases Oxytocin which is a hormone that helps start labor and contractions.  Within 30 minutes I was at the hospital in labor...  
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Sex and walking are all that I would put forth as ideas. At your next appt, if your dr/midwife is willing, ask to have your membranes stripped.
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I walked around the mall and 3 hours later my water broke!
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I walked and then came home and found I had a clogged milk duct.  They hurt sooo bad and I squeezed it as i was in tears, lol and this huge contraction came and right away my water broke.  This was also a week before she was due!  Hope something works....I don't like inductions either. Hope it happens soon for you!!
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