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Good Morning Ladies!
Sorry to be such a gripe but I have a few different questions today. I am 39.4 days pregnant and was checked yesterday and am still only 1 cn dilated and am not soft. I am getting a little bumbed out and am feeling like I'll never go into labor on my own. I have (painful) contractions all the time, since week 16 and I am still only 1 cn. Have any of you only been 1 at this time but still managed to deliver on or by your due date? My O.B. wants to induce do to "maternal misery" but my cervix is not considered favorable although I would really like to go into labor naturally, I was induced with my last and it was hell.
Secondly, my O.B. has a really nice ultrasound machine and we have been able to see the baby's face really well (front veiw) every time we have seen her face, since about week 29 or 30, she looks like she has a huge, thick crinkle of skin above her nose and her eye brows look real puffy...like she is making the 'eww' face but every time it looks that way so I am afraid she has some funky crinkled skin defect, almost neanderthal looking....have any of you seen this in your ultrasounds?

Lastly, how do y'all like the name Wessley for a girl (pronounced Wezz-ley)? I though it might be pretty.
Thank you so much to all who read this whole, winey thing!!!!
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Oh, Hon!  I am sure she is fine!  I have no experience with u/s machines but you sound really distressed so I wanted to tell you that I'm sure she's absolutely perfect!  Especially if it's one of those regular u/s machines because I can't even make out a baby usually on those things without someone pointing everything out.  I hope you go into labor really soon...
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Oh, and I LOVE that name...adorable
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Was it a 4-D ultrasound? I think they look wierd. Anyway, I doubt you will think your baby is ugly when she comes out, even if there is something unusual about her face. 1cm is not that bad. I was induced early with my first, and my cervix was long, hard, and closed. Not what I would have chosen either, but I got a healthy baby out of it. Some women swear by castor oil, but I don't think I could drink it. Try jumpng jacks or something. And you know, if you're in the mood....bd is supposed to help too.
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I'm sorry your fusturated.I to was late with my d/d.After 1 wk. past due I decided after ankle massage,nipple stimulation and tons of bd'ing I toke caster oil on my b-day, july 1st.It was so gross an drank almost the whole bottle.I had a b/m almost immediatly and two more at the hosp.I was so nervous that my dr. was going to yell at me or thatI would have an accident while giving birth.But I'm glad to say everything worked out & my beautiful d/d was also born on july 1st.I'm not suggesting you take it but it worked for me***Nanis
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Honestly, I admire people who say, oh, what a cute baby when they see any of the US pictures! I always turn around and leave. To me, all the babies look like little E.T.s at that stage untill they come out and have a day or two to get better. I would not stress about it too much. Did you point it out to your Dr.? If so, what did she say about it. I usually ask those questions, so I am not left to wonder for the next 2 or so many weeks. With my first DD I was 1cm around 39 weeks and I had her at 39weeks and 4 days! But she was my first one and also, my water broke so they induced me immediately. Hope it goes fast for you!
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Don't worry....out of all the advice that I've heard I would NOT do jumping jacks. Aside from the 'cord' issue I would be scared of doing brain damage to my unborn child.
Thanks though!
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I strongly advise you NOT do jumping jacks.  This can easily cause the cord to knot.    
I know we all try to be helpful but let's be real careful with the advice we give.
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That part was a JOKE! :)
Although I don't think it could really cause the cord to knot, it doesn't really sound like something a ready-to-pop pregnant woman could easily do.
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I honestly don't know how any full term pregnant women could even be successful at doing jumping jacks - ouch and heavy!!! Anyhow, I was going to say that all babies (usually) come out (especially if by vaginal delivery) looking a bit like their faces are squashed and screwed up. After a day this settles down and you can better see them for what they really are. But to be honest, no matter what he/she looks like to anyone else all you are going to see is the most beautiful thing on this earth...a baby YOU have created!

I wouldn't think too much about the dialation at this stage. I know a lot of women who have been 3cm dialted for the last month of their pregnancy and still go over due. I went into labour with all 3 of my babies and was 3cm dialated. The first took ages to go from 3 to 7cm (like 5 hours) and the second and third went from 5cm to 10cm in like 10 or 15 minutes! Dialation can either be very rapid once true labour starts or very slow even with painful contractions. The point is that you might find labour starts regardless of your dialation and not all women are the same from labour to labour even. You said this is your second and that you had to be induced with your first? It's possible that this might happen again, but it's not indicative of the outcome. My friend recently gave birth a week early (to her second baby) on the loungeroom floor at home after 1 contraction at 7am and then her waters broke and he literally fell out into her sweat pants! However, her first baby went 10 days overdue and she had to be induced with her! So you never know!!! It's just hard when you're so keen for it to be over, I know! Good luck!
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