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Nasal reflux

My son, who is 2 weeks old, has milk pouring out of his nose anywhere from 15 - 45 min after eating.  Also has bad gas/burps and spits up frequently.  I have tried watching what I eat, and smaller more frequent feedings.  He has already had his well check up and wasn't having such a hard time with this issue at the time.  I am thinking of getting him in again for another visit.  

I know it is normal for babies to spit up and have trouble with gas, but is it normal to spit up 45 min after a feeding?  Out of the nose?  I have been sleeping holding him upright because I am afraid of him choking on his spit up.  Has anyone else had this problem?  What did you do about it?  Will it get better as he gets older?
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It sounds lile reflux to me... all of my children had it.  Sometimes it comes back up so forcefully that it bypasses the mouth and goes straight into the sinuses, therefore coming out the nose.  There are medications that infants can take to help control this.  It's also a good idea to keep him upright as you have been.  I would make an appt with your ped. to discuss this.  My oldest had Gastroesophical Reflux Disease.  In her case the flap that closes off the esophagus from the stomach wasn't fully developed and the muscle between the stomach and the intestines would spasm causing her food to come up.  Hers was the worst out of all of mine.  She was one 2 diff. meds until about a year old and she outgrew it.  My other 3 weren't as bad, they were on Zantac until about 10 mos with 2 of them and about 5-6 mos with the other...Once they are more mobile and staying upright like sitting while they play it tends to get much better.  Once they do start sitting up though, it's best to.  I gather from your post that you are breastfeeding, but if you do ever feed out of a bottle be it breastmilk or formula you can add a tablespoon or two (depending on the amount of liquid) to the milk/formula, this will help to thicken it and make it easier to keep down.  Hope this helped! :)
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My son was 7 weeks premature and also has reflux.  He also refluxes through his nose.  Right now he is on Prevacid for it.  The Prevacid helps with the burning but it doesn't stop him from spitting up.  I would definately mention it to your pediatrician.  At first they tried to thicken his feedings with rice, but that didn't work.  So now he takes the Prevacid and we also use Simply thick to thicken his bottles.  The NICU nurses said that breast milk is very thin.  We also saw a Gastrointerlogist b/c he had upper GI and a suck swallow test done in the hospital. He was a mess...but that's another story.  Basically because he was a preemie he didn't now what to do when he feluxed so his oxygen levels would drop.  The Gastro. followed up with him months later but said he wasn't concerned b/c my son is gaining weight.  Good luck to you!
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my oldest also had the upper GI and the suck/swallow...she was full term but technically premature due to IUGR...she was 4 lbs 15 oz.  
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sorry you're going through this but sounds like your baby has reflux.  I'd def discuss with his pediatrician and if possible see a ped specialist.  most drs do not take it seriously if the baby's gaining weight.  DD was born 37 weeks weighing 5.7 lbs.  Our first 4 months with her were pure hell due to her refluxing.  our poor DD was in so much pain so I went to the dr (after going to 5 different specialists) who was willing to LISTEN and do something about it.  He prescribed Prevacid and DD was a happy baby sleeping 12 hours at night (before the meds, we'd spend hours and hours rocking her during the night).  I would also recommend this website.  It educated me about infant reflux and the ladies on it are great (someone who could relate to us).  www. infantreflux. org  
Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions about reflux.  Good luck.
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Thanks, everyone.  I called her ped who said everything I was describing was normal and no need to bring him in.  I am not exactly happy with that answer.  According to him, this should resolve itself with time.  
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