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Needing proper advice

I went to my family doctor today, and I am becoming more and more unhappy with the woman.  Not only did she tell me she thought that I had lost Nadezdha when we first found out I was pregnant... then it was discouraging me from breastfeeding because of my Fibromyalgia (she wants to put me on other drugs and I can't because of nursing)... and today it was her telling me "you just can't get pregnant while breastfeeding, and you can have periods without ovulating" - when I asked if it was normal to spot around the time ovulation was supposed to take place.  I was confused as hell.  

I thought that ovulation (or the hormone influx caused by it rather) was the reason you had periods!  Am I wrong?  Especially if I am not nursing for 8-10 hours straight every day that I work?  She knows I work full time.... So, since we are TTC while I am still nursing and my AF is due tomorrow.... what should I be going off here?
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Hmmm... think I'd be shopping around for a different doctor too if I was you!  I went through a similar thing, in that my Rheumatologist was NOT supportive of me breastfeeding (was constantly asking me when I was going to wean and kept trying to push me to switch to formula).  Then he was obviously upset when I got pg again even before weaning ds#1, as he wanted me back on Enbrel (medication) which is not FDA approved for use during pg or breast feeding.  Needless to say, I decided that I needed a doctor who would be supportive of my choices- and not so discouraging!

You can spot without ovulating.  It is called "anovulatory" bleeding.  Here's a good definition of this:
Can you have a period without ovulating?
A period or menstruation is the bleeding that occurs about 12 to 16 days after ovulation or the release of an egg. If ovulation does not occur, no egg is released, and hence technically there should be no bleeding at all. This is known as anovulation. In women where ovulation fails to occur because of an anovulatory disorder, bleeding can occur nevertheless. This is known as anovulatory bleeding and is not a normal menstrual period.

There is a huge difference between cycles in which the woman ovulates but does not get her period, and one in which she gets her period but does not ovulate. In the former case, the woman is almost certainly pregnant. In the latter case, she has had an anovulatory cycle.

If you do not chart your ovulation and have an anovulatory disorder, then you may assume that you are menstruating normally when anovulatory bleeding occurs during your cycle. This anovulatory bleeding occurs when estrogen production continues to develop in the uterine lining without reaching the threshold necessary to trigger ovulation. In such a case, either of the following two things may happen, both leading to what appears to be a menstrual period but is really not one.

Either the estrogen will build up slowly to a point below the threshold and then drop, resulting in estrogen withdrawal bleeding.

Or the endometrium builds up slowly over an extended period of time, eventually to the point where the resulting uterine lining is so thickened it can no longer sustain itself. This is known as estrogen breakthrough bleeding. This is a more common occurrence.
In either case, if you weren't charting your ovulation, you might think you were simply menstruating, though you would maybe notice a difference in the type of bleeding. Some women may notice a difference in the flow of bleeding. It may become heavier or lighter than your usual flow.

As you know, I am currently 33 wks along with ds#2 at 6 mo. postpartum, and I WAS breastfeeding full time!  So I have no idea what your doctor is talking about!?!?  I didn't get any AF... just got pg the first time I obviously cycled.

Are you charting?  That's a sure way to know if you are indeed ovulating or not.  Maybe you already are pg, and I hope AF doesn't come visiting you tomorrow!! :)


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Well I didn't get my AF Friday, tested Sunday and it was negative.  That would've been 2 days late.  Not sure what is going on with my cycle, we'll have to see.  I haven't been charting, not sure how to do that really.  I guess when we start suplimenting more with food, then we'll have better chances.
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Oh and the anovulatory bleeding, I am still confused about.  But I guess maybe that is what was going on.  Spotting between AF's and such.  
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Well AF was a week late, so going to start charting and such this month.  *Crosses fingers*  Hoping that the job change with less stress helps.
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