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No Heartbeat at 6 week ultrasound???

I called my doctor last week to ask her about spotting after intercourse. This is my third pg and it had never happened before. I expected her to give me some text book response about the cervix being sensitive and extra blood flow and that it wasn't a big deal. Instead she had me come into the office. My LMP was 8/24. I saw her 10/5. She did a transvaginal and couldn't find a heartbeat. She drew blood to check my HCG levels and sent me out to a radiologist to see if a more sensitive machine could pick up the heartbeat. She tends to think I'm just early. The radiologist's sonogram showed a yolk sac but still no heartbeat. I was supposed to go this moring to get my HCG level rechecked but the nurse wouldn't draw my blood because the dr.'s script didn't state whether it was a quantitative or qualitative test and she wouldn't take my word for it.

So now I've had one blood draw (the doctor said my level was normal but on the low range) and that's it and I'm freaking out. With each of my other pgs I wasn't even seen until I was between 8-10 weeks and I never had a problem. Other than the spotting after sex (immediately after while wiping in bathroom no enough for a panty liner and one time) I have no spotting or cramping but I'm really beginning to start freaking myself out.

FWIW, my cycles tend to run 35 days or longer. She keeps telling me that doesn't make a difference because it counts from LMP but I don't see how it can't make a difference. What if I ovulated really late and implanted late? The baby could only be 4 weeks. Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance. Liz
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I went in for an early ultrasound when I called my doctor complaining about cramping.  When I went in I was 5 weeks 5 days and all they could see on the internal ultrasound was the gestational sac, no fetal pole or yolk sac.  I spent the next week completely freaking out, only to go back and have them find the heartbeat at 6 weeks 5 days.  The tech told me I must have ovulated a few days late, but when I went in for my 20 week ultraound, I was measuring exactly right according to my LMP.  I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl, and all that worrying was for nothing.
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At 6 wks it waaay to early.Don't freak out,relax & wait 4 your next appt.Checked your hcg levels & compare.I hope everything comes out o.k....nanis
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Thanks for that. I've never experienced a mc so I'm totally freaking out over here. With my other two daughters my pgs were very easy and because I wasn't even seen until I was 8-10 weeks pg I didn't have this sort of stuff to worry about. I'm regretting now even having called about the spotting after sex because I'm making myself sick with worry that something may be wrong.
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She has me scheduled to come back this Thursday for another us but I'm afraid that may even be too early. My original app't was supposed to be on 10/18. I'm afraid if I go back this week and they see nothing they are going to try to push me towards a D&C and I'm not ready to do that. We leave the 20th to take our girls to walt disney world and now I'm wondering if I should just postpone my app't until we get home because I'm scared.
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Maybe you should go ahead & go in on Thursday to put your mind at ease. You could very well see a hb. Even if there is no hb it could still be too early & you don't have to decide on a d&c right then. I don't think you should cancel your trip either. You and your family are probably really looking forward to it, especially your little ones. You will need it to get your mind off of what's going on & you won't have many more chances to go again before this little baby is born in 9 months! :) I also agree with you about the ovulation. It's highly likely that you ovulated late & the baby isn't as far along as they think due to lmp.
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The hcg could still tell you a lot, even with 4 days difference--maybe you wouldn't even have to go for u/s if it's all doubling nicely. There are calculators that you put in the numbers and the days apart and it gives you 'doubling rate' in days/hours actually which should be around 48 (not longer). They should have that number the same day I would think (Monday) if you can get the labslip clarified so they run it Monday. Why couldn't they have just called over the dr's office right then?
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