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No Menses 43 Days days Late....Negative Pregnancy tests

My LMP was January 1 2006, I was on Depo-Provera a while back (Dec 2004 was my last injection) and I just started getting my menses (on time) again in august...I haven't been using any birth control since then....and obviously I'm now extremely late and annoyed.....I've taken so many HPT and they're all negative...I had nausea bad about 4 weeks ago and the only other symptom related to pregnancy I have now is I'm real tired all the time....also my breasts have been leaking  only a little bit like it left a dime sized mark on my shirt....I weaned my daughter about 7 months ago...so maybe I haven't completely dried up from that....but I just really need some advice on this I don't have insurance and can't afford right now to go to to the doctor,
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it is possible that you either ovulated later or that you are still funky from the depo, or from just having a baby..  

Either way, i would go to a clinic or some other place if i were you.. Have you taken a HPT lately???

Good luck to you..

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If you don't have insurance then see if there is a Planned Parenthood or other public health clinic near you.  It may just be that the Depo has really messed up your cycle.  A lot of women report this after coming off Depo.  At any rate, you need to get a proper dx so you can find out what to do next.  Best of luck to you.
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Blood pregnancy tests are not at all expensive, and usually you don't even have to see the doctor. and as someone else said, go to a clinic or health dept.
On another note if you have no insurance and can't afford to go to the doctor why are you trying to conceive? Kids are very expensive, not just with doctor visits but with everything else too.
Not trying to be mean, but you should really have insurance in place first and foremost.  And be in a fair way financially.  Not rich, but you should at least be able to go to the doctor if you need to.
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farm_marm - i think there was a mis-communication. Steph22383 didn't say anything about not having insurance, someone else just gave another option if insurance wasn't available. Just wanted to clarify!
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oops...apparently i didn't read far enough down, but there could be all kinds of reasons that she doesn't have insurance (new job, switching to husbands insurance, etc.) don't think it's fair for us to judge.
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I'm going to stay with my opinion that if you can't afford to make one single visit to the doctor you perhaps should use bc until your situation is better (if changing jobs, wait the 90 days, if lost a job same thing-wait until you have a new one). yes this is judgmental and now I see that.  I'm not saying have thousands in the bank but enough to go to the doctor at least once.  To me it is irresponsible to do otherwise.
I have 3 children and w are not well to do but have enough to provide for them and to go to the doctor if needed. kids deserve at least that much of a start.
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Regarding the leaky breasts, i don't know if it's normal, but i don't think it's abnormal. My mom would have it randomly happen to her (when she'd see a baby or was esp. moved by something my little brother did or just something sweet in general) and I know it was at LEAST that long after my bro. was born. I actually think it was longer than that. We just said she was SOOOO maternal that she just sort of leaked it! Don't let that freak you out.

Re: the HPTs, have you been taking the same brand or different ones? have you tried the Clearblue Easy Digital? it's very clear either pg or not pg. and i think it's pretty sensitive too. if it still says no, schedule an appt. for as soon as insurance kicks in or go to a clinic in the meantime.

keep us posted!
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I have been reading comments for awhile now and I hope someone can help me.  My periods are usually 32-35 days and today I am on day 50. I took HPT and they were all megative and so I went to my doctor and got a blood test and she thought for sure I was Pregnant but that was also negative.  She told me to just wait for my period but it still has not come. Is there anything that could be stopping my period from coming?  I have never been really regular except in the last few months it has been between 32-35 days but I have never gone a month without a period I am usually just a few days late.  Also my last period in January was very light and a pinkish brownish color which never happens.
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I am not Trying to get pregnant and yes I am trying to get on my husbands insurance his company only offers enrollment every 6 months
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my last HPT was about a week ago for a while i was taking them once a week...I ususally know my body really well and right now it has me stumped...
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I missed my AF in February as well and i went to the Doctor, because i have never missed one.  She did some blood work and found that my thyroid was out of whack and that i needed to get on some meds to regulate that.  She told me that that could be the reason why AF was MIA.  So i would suggest going to the doctor.  good luck.
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hi i have been reading all of the comments. i normally have my period every 26-29 days but now its been 43!!! my doctors are rubbish and just say take a hpt or wait but all the ones i have done have been negative. any body got any ideas of what i could do now? im not on any birth control and had a miscarrage last june. any deas???
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