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Nose Bleeds, Can't Sleep, Just Plain Miserable!/Open Forum

I need advice on two problems:

First, I have been having TERRIBLE sinus problems for the past few weeks. I'd been stuffy for a while, but recently it has become worse. I'm usually fine if I don't wake up often during the night (to pee), but after a few times of getting up, I have to blow my nose...which usually turns out to be blood. I had to sleep in the guest room again last night because I couldn't go back to sleep, and had to keep blowing my nose because I couldn't breathe. I use a humidifier (RIGHT next to my side of the bed), and use a little Vaporub cream under my nose to help...but nothing seems to work!

Second, I've been trying like crazy to sleep on my side, but when I do, my arm ALWAYS goes to sleep. I sleep on my right, the right arm starts hurting...I sleep on my left, the left arm starts hurting. I keep wanting to sleep on my back, as it is most comfortable...but I know it's not good for me or the baby. Is there ANY way to prevent my arm from going to sleep, or is this just "one of those things" that I'll have to deal with while pg? I've tried laying down with my arm    stretched "outward", and I've tried putting it "up" beside my face. Nothing works!

Between these two problems, and constantly having to pee, I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in over a week...and I'm miserable and cranky!! :-(

Any advice would be appreciated!
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I have the same thing, just not the nose bleeds w/ this pg. I'm 34wks & pee all the time, top of stomach burns can't stand for anything to touch it it's so sensitive :( So usually when I go to bed the top of my tum stops burning then I get acid reflux (it's far beyond heart burn now) nothing helps except buttermilk makes it a little better it feels like it's gonna come up YUCK it was never this babd w/DS#1 :)& my back gets caught all the time no matter if standing or sitting :) Arms r going to sleep even my fingers r this week. Oh & muscle cramps OUCH, how far r u? My throat feels like it's on fire at the moment LOL DOn't have any sugg. just letting u know u r not alone :)  It'll be worth it all in a few wks!!!
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LOL Maybe I should have just named my post "Whiner Forum"!

I'm in my 17th week...but boy, things have really hit in the past week or so. Everything has gotten worse it seems, and I know it will only get WORSE as I get farther along!

I know what you mean with the burning thing...I have to drink a glass of chocolate milk before I eat, and sometimes when I haven't had a THING to eat. The burning starts at the base of my neck (in my throat). It just gets worse, the longer I try to ignore it! LOL I go through a gallon of choc milk in less than 5 days!(I can't stand to drink plain milk)
Lying down at night is awful, too. I have to drink a small glass of milk, a swig of Maalox, or a few tums before going to bed.

The GOOD news is that my tummy "popped out" within the past week. I was already bigger due to being bloated and such, but all of a sudden my stomach just sorta poked out, and I can definitely tell I'm preggo! Not the normal "I just look fat" thing, but actually "I look preganant!". So for that I'm grateful! (I know...this is so Pollyanna'ish...but I have to look for the GOOD things about pregnancy, too! LOL)
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Have you tried one of the large body pillows?  I used one that was almost like a u-shape and it seemed to help me (at least for a little while).  It supports your belly and I found in the last couple months of my pregnancy, it helped me sleep a little better.

It has been 2 1/2 years since I was pregnant with my daughter, but I recall asking my dr. about sleeping on your back and I don't think he thought it was that big of a deal. I can't remember the issues with it, but I know I rolled around so much I was never on my back all that long anyway.  

Good luck, I know it is miserable being pregnant and not sleeping...then even more miserable having a new born and not sleeping :)
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I'm in the Miserable Club too! The past week, I started getting heartburn like never before. Saturday night I woke up and couldn't sleep for an hour and a half until I found a little sample roll of generic rolaids. And it's not just from eating spicy stuff. Cereal, macaroni, whatever.

And I have the arm problem too. If I were meant to sleep on my side, my shoulders wouldn't be there. And then my hands fall asleep. And I toss and turn trying to balance this pain I get from my lower back down my leg, whichever leg is on the bottom at the time.

And I always have a nose-full.

Just one more month and at least I can be at home.
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Hey girl, saw that you posted - how are you doing?  I finally got my BFP and saw my little one last Friday - very little - just 6w6d on last Friday - had a heart beat of 115 :-)
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Just to let you know that I have found that eating an apple (no skin) about an hour before bed has helped me with acid reflux, granted it is not an all night solution and I ususally have to break out the tums at about 3.30am but it does stop me getting it as soon as I go to bed and I at least get a few hours sleep before it starts! Non fat milk or a banana are other remedies I have heard of.
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Kbrown- I haven't tried a body pillow. I've tried using extra pillows from the guest room, but it looks like I may need to break down and buy one of the body ones! Thanks for the input...

appleblossom- I agree with you 100%...if we were meant to lay on our sides, we wouldn't have shoulders! LOL
I went to the doctor today and asked about the sinus problem, and all he told me was to take some Claritin. I asked if there were ANY nasal sprays I could use, and he said only the Saline sprays would be good for me, but not if I'm having a bloody nose. He says it will further irritate the nostril membranes, so I guess I'm just SOL with the sinus thing! LOL

Oh well, I at least it won't last forever...right? Best of luck to you! :-)
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I spoke to my midwife about sleeping on my back (I broke mine a few years ago and I get so sore if I don't lie flat). She told me I could lie on my back and just prop one buttock with a small cushion just to tip me slightly, I am 29 weeks now and have been sleeping like this for 3 weeks, it is so much more comfortable. I do have a body pillow too as I was sleeping on my side before she gave me the okay to sleep on my back. If I get acid (which I often do at night) I have two pillows under my head, curl my body pillow so the top of it is under the bottom of my back for support and use the bottm of it to elevate my feet and then just have my small cushion under one buttock, this way I am comfortable and it reduces the acid reflux too. My midwife said that usually if sleeping on your back is causing you problems you would wake up anyway. My problem at the moment is sinusitis, which I have got antibiotics and a saline nasal spray for but it is absolute agony, I feel like I have been punched in the face, even tylenol doesn't make the pain any better.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. It's a relief to know that I can still sleep on my back with a few modifications. This will probably be a lifesaver for me!
As for the sinus problems, I broke down and took a benadryl last night, and then again this morning. I'm going to try it for a few days (it's on my list of "safe" meds from the dr's office) and see if it helps. I feel so BAD taking any kind of med during pregnancy...even Tylenol when I have a headache! But I will just have to have faith that the baby will be alright, because I have GOT to get some sleep! I didn't have anything to drink after 9:30 last night...and I only had to get up twice to use the bathroom and blow my nose. Whoohoo!! :-)
Sooo, maybe Benadryl and cutting back on fluids before bed will do the trick. (unfortunately, I am most thirsty at bedtime!)
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