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O Halloween

What are your Kids being for Halloween??

This is the 2nd year where Ethan will be picking out his own costume, No more cute one's for him! LOL Last year is picked out to be a cowboy. This year he wants to be X-man/wolverine which every one has the claws...This is also be Hunter's 2nd Halloween, and I am not to sure what he is going to be yet. I was originally going to reuse my sister son's costume from last year a skunk, every cute! But I saw this Lil' Frankie costume that looks so cute as well...Ohh, I love halloween!

(The Pic is Ethan from his 1st Halloween.)
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I LOVE halloween as well (hello, I am getting married on Halloween lol). Ashtyn's first halloween, he was a cow. His second halloween he was a skunk, and this halloween I let him pick his own. He picked Scooby Doo!!!
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We love Halloween too! Dylan's first year he was superman, only three months old, then he was a dragon. Last year he was pirate. I'm going to let him choose this year.
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Too cute! Im really thinking about having hunter dress up as Lil frankie, then I could dress up as the bride of frankenstein, LOL I using dont dress up, but Ethan keeps asking me what Im going to be...So just be....I think he would get a kick out of it!

Cheyenne, I forgot you were getting married on Halloween! That going to be one fun wedding! Congrats again!
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My baby (who is 7!) is going to be Cinderella.  Or Hannah Montana!
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im sooo excited for fall and halloween
its carmine's 2nd halloween he will be elvis lol
gisele first halloween a minnie mouse witch
my sister got her the outfit from disneyworld
carmine bday the day after halloween he gonna be 2!
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and im also being a witch lol
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very excited for halloween.  AJ's first halloween he was a penguin, last year his aunt got him the dragon costume from old navy and I loved it because it was so warm and comfy.  i decided to go back there this year.  they dont have very many choices so I let him pick between the lion and the monkey.  He chose the monkey.  SO CUTE!  My second little boy is due on halloween so I found a little money suit at walmart in newborn size for $8 so I picked it up incase he is here for halloween. (no harsh comments please; I will not be taking a two day old baby out in the cold for trick or treat, but pictures of his first halloween are NECESSARY!)  I am very excited for this whole season of hay rides, pumpkin picking, trick or treats, new baby, and oh yes...day light saving time when AJ's bedtime will switch from 9pm to 8pm!!!
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Kjbutcher. My baby is due on the 13th of October and I totally am getting her an outfit. I am thinking a little pumpkin. I will not be taking her out (of course) but I just love halloween.
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Jameson is gonna be "Woody" from Toy Story. He looks so cute in his costume! (he already has been wearing it, lol)
I will post a pic of Jameson in my profile.

Jacob is gonna be a football player--the little pajama-suit looks like a uniform, then a hat that looks like a helmet, then I am gonna do those black smudges under his eyes. SO CUTE!!
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Well I cant find it in my photos...and no time to look anymore...will do it later. Jacob is crying..
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My Kids are going to be a Phantom(the 8 year old).....a Pirate(the 4 year old) and a bumble bee(the 1 year old)......I will post a pic of my little girl in her bee costume its too cute.....

Mamaofone....my middle son was lil frankie last year.....I LOVED it..it was awesome..I still have it too....I would totally give it to you if you were in AZ, lol...I am going to look to see if I have a picture on my comp of him in it...

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I saw a great sock-monkey outfit at Toys R Us, but alas, my son saw the fireman outfit first, so fireman it is.
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