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******OPEN FORUM MONDAY************

hey thought i would start this looks to be a busy day
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How is everyone today, I'm doing great.  The weather is nice here 75 and sunny....... Wish I wasn't at work...
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WHERE do you people live to have such nice weather! :)
I am in Newfoundland (eastern Canada), and our weather is not exactly springlike at the moment. 50 cm of snow on Friday! EEK!

Looking for some cool boy's names? Our dd's name is Myah, which we instantly agreed on when we heard it. I love Kaleb, he hates it, he likes Logan and Brady, and I am indifferent on those.
I want something masculine (naturally), but not something that he will share with 10 other kids in school :) Any thoughts?

Have a good one, and enjoy that warm weather some of you seem to be getting!

Cinnamon Heart-you are in Canada, too, right?
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I live in the Florida Panhandle.  I love it, this weekend it got up to 81.  I don't know why but I love the name Peyton.  I don't know if it would be used for a boy or girl, or both......My two boys names are Tanner and Todd.
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Hi, I'm in Canada too - Ontario. The National Post ran an article on baby names last week. Check out this website, it's cool if you want to avoid really "popular" names - check out the Name Wizard, it's really interesting. You can even see what decade your own name was most popular.

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Right on  Im from Ontario Canada
its raining cats and dogs today then i guess
we going to get your snow!!
I like Brady  actually it was one of mine but we ended up naming him Cody, to go with the C's  Courtney and Cayley
Brady really cant be nicknamed  and I think its masculine
Not to mention Brady off of Days of Our Lives is hot!!
(Yes i watch the soaps)
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I noticed you watch Days of Our Lives.  Do you watch Passions afterwards.  That is the DUMBEST soap I have ever seen and I am hooked on that one for some reason.  I am in love with Ethan.  I think he is gorgeous.  I just wondered if I was the only sucker out there who watches that ****.  

Myah's Mom - I like those 2 names you mentioned.  I like Aiden a lot as well but that is such a common name now it seems.  I agree with the post that gave you the baby name site.  Look at that and it should give you an idea if you will have 10 kids with the same name in a classroom.  I have a DD named Katelyn McKenzie and a DS named Christopher Randall.  Good Luck.
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I watch Days of Our Lives also.  I watch it at the regular time while i am at the gym during my lunch hour and then I watch it on the Soap network when I am on the treadmill after work.  I get a total of one hour workout each day with the first half during lunch and the second half after work.  Combined, I get to see the whole show!  That is my only soap.  I used to watch Passions when it first came on back in 1999, but it was too silly from the start with all the witches and stuff.  :)
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hi there, Hope you r doing great!! I'm not sure if you have seen my question to you (Stacie30) under SHOULD I ASK 4 2ND OPINION posted on Friday. Please answer my concern whenver you get time. I Apreciate it =)Thanks
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Heh everyone,

I'm at my SIL so i have a chance to log in for a few minutes, sorry my post was so fast but i will tell you about my story. It was my last day of work on the 16th, i had felt something leaking all day so i went to the hospital. The Dr told me that it was just the baby pushing on my bladder, so she checked me just in case an i was 4cm. The Dr told me to call DH and get to the other hospital where i was to deliver, DH picked me up and off we went to the hospital. I was stuck at 4cm until 11:00pm, and i wasn't feeling any contractions at all so i decided that i wanted to get into the birthing tub. The Dr had to fill the tub first so i had to have a shower until then, as soon as i did that i had 2 good contractions then off to the tub i went. It was 11:30 when they checked me again and i was at a six, so out of the tub i went and the brock my water. I had 1 good contraction on the bed and i went to 10cm in that one contraction, I pushed for andn hour and a half and out Jaida came. She was perfect and is the joy of my life, I hope you all enjoy reading this i will log on again soon.
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I watch that Passions **** too! And the whole time I am sitting there making remarks to myself how stupid it is yet I watch it!
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wow! that's amazing!  i wish our hospital had a tub!
glad to hear from you!
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Max14-we are actually visiting Florida (Orlando) in May. I will be 30 weeks, and am so looking forward to the break. If we can call it a break with a 20 month old in tow!
I love the name Peyton, too. Must run it by hubby, and gauge his expression :)

Mom2BX3 and Cinnamon Heart-Thanks for the tip-I will check it out.  I guess you guys can relate with the weather, hey? :)

Thanks ladies, and hope everyone is well!
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