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~*~*~*~*~*OPEN FORUM WEDNESDAY~*~*~*~*

Here you go ladies!!!! Have a great day!!!

since thing have been so tense around here, I thought I would start this thread and morning off with something fun!!!  I LOVE to hear old wives' tales while I am pregnant! I think it is fun!!

So here are a few I have heard:

-Don't raise your arms above your head or you'll wrap the cord around the babies neck.
-Don't look at a monkey or your baby will be ugly.
-Babies breathe through their feet, so when they are sick, rub vicks on the feet. (Yes, I was seriously told this!)

I have a million, can't think of them al right now. But I want to hear yours too!! Share all your wives' tales, from the silly to insane!
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Hey Kassimom! Glad to see you trying to lighten things up around here! Hope you're feeling o.k.! Have you heard from Buckeye? I've been in and out of the office and haven't really had time to catch up on all the posts! I know she was having an IUI either last week or the week before, but I haven't seen anything ftom her!
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Come to think of it when I was sick as a child Mom would always put vics on my feet. It is kinda wierd. Especially if your baby has stinky feet (leather sandals in summer, yuck) are they breathing that in? Now that is quality air!! Just joking. People get some strange ideas!!
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I've heard the first one you spoke of "don't raise your arms above your head" but I've not heard of the other two........ROFL and to think some of us tend to believe this stuff......

I can't think right now of anymore but I did find this.....


If you've nothing to do for awhile it's worth going in and laughing at all the different things people actually believe!!!!!

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Emma, How are you feeling?  I was wondering about buckeye too.  I was also happy to see childatheart's return to the forum, how are you doing today kiddo?

Hope2bamommy, Did the passions help your mood this weekend?  I am thinking of you. p
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Hey girl! I'm doing good! One day at a time! I go back to the dr on friday and I"m hoping that i can talk her into another ultrasound:  how are you doing?
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ok i've got one.

if you let your baby stand (with your help of course) to early you'll make them bow legged.

oh man i know a ton of them too and can't think of them. i've never heard the vics one before though that is funny

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Okay here's a good one:

-If you concieve missionary you'll have a boy, if you concieve woman on top you'll have a girl, and if you concieve doggy style you'll have puppies!

Just kidding. That is actually a really bad blonde joke I was told once. Sorry, tasteless I know....
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i just remembered one that a friend of ours told me....

if you want a girl hold your legs up in the air for 20 minutes after bd, because girl sperm swim slower

(she did it once and actually got one of the only girls in a very large family of boys) ha ha

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Hey I am new here and I just wanted to say that you guys are great!

I have an old wives tale- If you put a spoon or fork under a seat and ask a pregnant woman to choose to sit on the seats, if she chooses the spoon -its a boy and if she chooses the fork-its a girl.

Also, if you notice that you pillow is facing north when you get up in the morning--its a boy and if its south--its a girl.  If its in the middle--it's twins--jk..ha ha

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Thanks for thinking of me. I'm here, although I've just been reading lately and not replying. I'm still on the 2ww.  I can test on Sunday if I don't start before then.  Although, I don't think I'm pregnant so I'm mentally preparing myself for invitro.
Besides the stress of trying to get pregnant, my step-father was put back in the hospital for a month for his second round of chemo so I'm spending lots of time at the hospital and then our new puppy Tucker was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney disease and was put to sleep last Saturday.  So my luck these days really SUCKS!  I'm not going to know how to react when the day comes that I actually have good news to share.  

Cheesetoo:  How are you feeling these days.  Are you and your DH going to ttc again anytime soon.  I've been thinking about you and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Emma1 - Sounds like everything is going great for you this time.  You so deserve it.
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I am very happy for you emma.  Things are getting better for me, day by day.

I am heart broken about your puppy and your stepfather.  I am so sorry.   Your spirit must be broken.  I will pray for you this weekend.  Maybe you will get the bfp on Sunday.  You know when I did, I didn't think I was pg either.  

DH and I have to wait two cycle to begin trying.  I don't think I am going back to the RE, but you never know.

Talk to you soon.  I am thinking of you.  Pattie
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I am going to try that! LOL I am going to have my Dh hide the silverware and then I will go and sit! See that's what is fun about these things is actually trying them out!! LOL
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