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********************OPEN FORUM WEDNESDAY*******************

Good morning!!!!
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Hello! I posted an answer to your question on 6/6, but you probably did not see it. I would love to know how everything is with you! I have found out since, in my continuing search for info :), that the Clearblue Easy is rated the #1 OPK. I used Answer, came with 7 tests just like C/B, this month and it worked great! I detected my surge with no problems. I had suggested that you may want to test more than once a day just to make sure you do not miss your surge. I always test in the morning, but this is the first month I have ovulated in 5, thank you very much Clomid! :) This is second time we have tried in two years to conceive and it has been just as frustrating as the first time, except at least we know what the problem is now. I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS). Very upsetting to find out, but the Clomid did at least work! I am praying very hard for a BFP in 2 weeks. If your still out there let me know! :)
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Hi all!  I just got back from the doc and he has given me the green light to ttc. Yay am so excited hopefully we will get a BFP soon:)
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Okay so last night we went out to eat and there was a woman there who had newborn twins. For whatever reason she told me the girl has acid reflux and colic.

It seems lately that every time I turn around, everyone's baby is being diagnosed with acid reflux. Is this some new illness or is it just one of those things like tubes in the ears and havign the tonsils out. (Where everyone rushed to have their kids tonsils out and then more recently to have tubes put in.)  

I am really curious to know why all these babies are being diagnosed with acid reflux lately....does anyone know?
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I feel a couple of ways about it.

#1-I doubt that all of a sudden babies are developing this,but
#2-diagnostics have certainly improved since "my day".

While there CAN be quite serious cases where the child is actually aspirating stomach acid and getting pneumonia and asthmatic symptoms from true reflux...personally (and I will probably catch hell for this) I think it  for the most part is a fancy term that sounds better than describing a child as colicky, "spitty", or fussy.  

But who knows...once they start putting probes down your childs throat, they can find all kinds of stuff.  

Funny, though, that years ago the vast majority of kids somehow pulled through without all the meds associated with reflux.
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LOL My sister in law had all that done to my niece and all it did was make her crankier. I think the docs are looking for something to satify the parents better. Kinda like political correctness.
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Just my opinion-but you know when there is something wrong with us and we can't put a "name" on it we get nervous and anxious and worry about it even more?  Well I think it's even worse with our children because we want to help them so bad but we can't so the doctor gives a name to the problem so we're not worrying ourselves crazy.  I know when my children get sick I MUST KNOW exactly what the problem is so that I can treat is properly and then I can calm down knowing that it will go away once treatment is taking effect.
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first of all christie don't think this is making you "catch Hell"
i just want to put in my two cents.

yes i agree when one child actually does come down with reflux (for real) all of a sudden it is the mass diagnosis.

my son never had any probes or any of that, he would eat an 8 ounce bottle (not all at once) and projectile puke over half of it back up. if he wasn't eating he was puking either what he ate or stomache bile up or he was screaming at the top of his lungs from the pain. he was at the point when he was supposed to be sleeping an average of 19 hours a day he was sleeping 8. they put him on zantac and it was a God send he was finally a happy baby. half of his problem was an underdeveloped sfinkter muscle between his esophigus (sp?) and stomach the other half was an over active acid producer. he was so small for so long that we had to take him in once a month for a weight check. our ped. didn't want to alarm us but apparently he was dreading the thought that if he didn't start gaining weight on his own they might have to do surgery to repair the flap that wasn't working right. thank God it never came to that.
my son has an awsome ped. he doesn't jump to quick solutions and yet he wants to make sure that child is going to strive and do well.
anyway now that i'm done babbling in my opinion, acid reflux (in some kids) is very real.
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Hey-no problem.

Just curious--how did they diagnose the weak sphincter muscle and the over producing of acid if they didn't do a probe or a scope?

Just wondering if they have some other way now to diagnose that--certainly would be less invasive than a probe!

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I agree nankay seems very informed and I would worry too if my child vomited like that. There is a deffinate difference between spit up and vomit. Sorry for the ickiness. With my sister-in-law it was that she just didn't understand babies and was looking for an excuse as to why thier baby wasn't like my daughter when she was a baby. My SIL had never been around kids younger than 10 so it was very difficult for her to understand and get used to. My MIL and I both helped out and taught her some tricks on dealing with a colicky baby and it helped her alot more than the doc telling her it was acid reflux and giving her meds (which the baby ended up puking back up anyway).
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Andileigh- My EDD is Feb. 16th.  When is yours? i'm in va right now. hopefully we won't be staying here that long.  where are you?  my cramps have really let up...i had just a few yesterday and non so far today.   makes me feel so much better about this pregnancy.  how have you been feeling?
micheleB- thanks about the tackle box idea.  it turned out really cute!  He's not going to be expecting that i'm pregnant...much less find out in a tackle box!  I can't wait till monday!  I haven't really been following....are you preg or ttc?   good luck with either!

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I got the second results back of my HCG tests,it went from 71,037 on sunday to 85,550 yesturday. I hope those are good numbers. How is everyone today? Anything new happening at all?
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Yay they sound great:) Hope you are having a good day:)
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