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Good morning all!!!  I have a couple little questions for ya'll.  Ok, so I was sick like 2 weeks ago witha  pretty bad cold (couldnt breathe, coughing, etc.) andyway it lasted about a week and then went away.  Well for the past day or so I had a dry scracthy throat so I thought it was coming back....AND IT DID, with full force.  Anyway -  my question is....when you have yellow snot (sorry TMI) does this mean there is an infection?  Do they give antibiotics for this while preggo?  Do I call my PCP or OB doctor??  


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I would call my OB to see what they say. My Dr almost never gives anything except sudafed during pregnancy.
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Call your OB. I had a throat infection during my 2nd trimester and they gave me an antibiotic (amoxicillin) and told me to take xtra strength tylenol (I had a lot of neck and back pain because of the throat thing) and the green chlorseptic spray (do not use the red). And it worked...I got over it and even felt better the day after I started taking the meds.
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My throat does not burt but I cannot breathe at all outta my nose.  I feel like my head could just blow off!!
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Yes, I think yellow or green means infection, call your doc and they will give you an antibiotic for preggers.
Hope you fell better soon.
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I would get checked for strep too, it's going around.   See safefetus.com for medicines and their safety levels.
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I have a few questions:
1. I am 11wks after 2 m/c's Feb and Apr (43 y.o.!) I am incredibly IRRITABLE (gggrrrrr). Part of it is being tired (on top of exhaustion I have insomnia). Part of it says the doc is the incredible stress of being so nervous about this one. Part of it is hormones (doc said maybe it's a boy; they carry harder; my memory too of DS vs DD). However, my problem is this: I work fulltime, I have a husband, I have (had?) friends. Since we aren't telling anyone until at least like 14 or 15 weeks, no one knows and everyone thinks I'm crazy, insane, bitchy. What can I do? I can't hide in a cave. Oddly enough I am only crabby with colleages (I am a professor) and I am getting a long with my students much better (nurturing kicks in early). HELP! I don't know how to be nicer to people (I personally don't really care but DH says people are starting to talk).
2. I have to have the NT on 11 Oct. How many of you had that (First Trimester Screening with nuchal translucency?)  How many of your insurances covered it? Like I said I'm over 35 (way) so I am high risk.  Did the results help you or just confuse you? I have to drive 3 1/2 hours just to get to the nearest place so I am wondering.
3. I lost like 4 lbs last week to nausea (not vomiting, just constant nauseau). I can't find anything I can eat. Suggestions for things that look good to you in m/s? I am desperate. I go through all the cupboards and it all makes me gag.

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Besides the hormones...I definitely think it's your nerves that are causing the irritable feelings. You've been through so much heartache already and, of course, you're going to be on edge about this pregnancy.
The only things I can suggest to maybe help calm you down a bit would be:
1. Take a warm (not hot) bath about 20 minutes before going to bed. Light a couple of candles in the bathroom and turn out the light. Play some relaxing music on low volume. (Be sure to brush your teeth and do ANYTHING else you need to do before jumping into bed BEFORE you take your bath)
Light a lavender/vanilla candle or something in your bedroom and make sure all the lights are already out. (Also, make sure your sheets are freshly washed...that always helps!)

I do this ritual when I'm stressed and moody. I don't turn on any lights after my bath, or it'll wake me back up! Also, have a good cry while you're in the tub. That'll help you release some tension, too! :-) I've even slept in our guest room a lot lately...so if you have a guest room, fix it up for all your needs, and sleep in there by yourself. Sometimes just being in a bed without someone else helps you sleep better. I get up so much to pee, that I worried about waking my husband up all the time...and now I LOVE sleeping in the guest room! LOL I have to force myself to sleep with him sometimes so he doesn't take offense. (I'm in my 12th week, and I have to sleep without the ceiling fan on, and WITH a humidifier because my sinuses are going haywire...I can't breathe at night! ughhh!)

Anyayw, hopefully this will help you sleep, which will in turn calm your nerves a little, which will in turn help your moodiness! ;-)

2. Do you excercise at all? Excercising helps boost the chemicals in your brain that affects your mood. Even if it's just taking a walk around the block. The fresh air and the workout will do you good.

3. Treat yourself. Go buy yourself a little something to make you feel better (new outfit, new makeup, body cream or lotion, etc...etc...) That always perks me up!

4. Foods that are appealing? That's a personal thing, but I've found myself eating a lot of Cheese Toast, Spagettios, Tomato Soup with crackers, Cream of Chicken soup w/ crackers, peanut butter toast, Strawberry Wheaties, and Progresso Chicken Noodle soup!

Best of luck to you...
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I've always been told about the "color" of the mucus:

If it is clear, then that would be allergies.

If it has a color to it, then that would be a cold, etc.

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Sorry about the crabbiness, but I've been mean alot lately and no patience whatsoever!
As for the nuchal fold test, I had that done about a month ago.  I am 36 and the results did not confuse me.  I am opting at this point not to have the amnio done.  I haven't heard otherwise about insurance, so my fingers are crossed that they will.  When I called the insurance company they never heard of the test and said sonograms were covered.  I think the test is really good and worthwhile.
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Does your face hurt, teeth hurt, that is how I always can tell if I have a sinus infection or a really bad headcold.
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No, nothing hurts.  But then again I didnt know I had a sinus infection for 2 months one time.  Not sure how that one slipped by.  I think I was sick and themn it went away, and the stuffiness stayed!!
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Sorry to hear about not feeling well.  I would call your pcp and been seen especially if you had one before, there are safe antibiotics if you need one.  My kids and husband were sick last week, one had pink eye for a week, the other had a fever for 5 days and then the husband started with a cough and stuffy nose.  I am trying like crazy to stay healthy!  washing hands like crazy! Feel Better!

Does any one plan on getting the Flu shot while pregnant this year.  They are offering free shots at from work on the 16th and was wondering if I should get one?
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My cousin had the NS screening...and everything showed up good...this is her 2nd child and shes 38.  She is considered high risk because of her age and previous m/s.  She refused to do the amnio...so she did this instead.  Her insurance covered it.  
Im sure the baby is fine and is doing well even if you have nausea.  My hubbys cousin had nausea all the time and lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks but the dr said the baby was measuring big and was getting enough nutrients.  Make sure you drink plenty of water...she has been to the hospital several times because of dehydration.  I didnt have any m/s...I felt nauseas a couple times but never got sick.  I couldnt eat breakfast in the beginning but I could drink the carnation breakfast drinks.  I craved milk for some reason.  Have you tried keeping saltines beside you bed and eating a few before you even get up?  
Im sure being tired and mentally stressed out is whats making you cranky.  Im sure after the NS your mind will be put at ease.  Until then try not to stress and get plenty of rest...you will need it once baby comes!
Keep us posted on how the NS screening goes! Your in my prayers!
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I got one when I was preggo with DS and I plan on getting one this time too.  It is highly recommended for preggers women.  If i get it then I dont think I will get sick again this year...I normally dont.
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I have never had a flu shot before, I thought about getting one, but I have heard it causes some people to get the flu.  I don't think I have had the actul flu for about 4 years.  Freshman year in college that was fun, had our beds lofted, so I was trying to climb up and down a ladder without messing myself or puking all over my bed. sorry tmi.  But just wondering if it's safe, since i am preggo now, (12 wks) and a flu shot virgin. lol
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on the 'morning' sickness.. i'm almost 17 weeks and have yet to find -anything- appealing to eat. i lost about 14 lbs so far, everything seems gross. try crackers and gatorade... or anything that you think might be good, even if the appeal is fleeting.

i'm 35, did not do the NT. i did the AFP though, that came back today as normal (phew).
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I have a question, I'm 9dpo and took a hpt (I know its early) and got a bfn. I couldn't help myself.  But ..today I was at Target and I bent over to get a dvd and thought I was going to faint.  I also thought the I was going to lose my lunch!..I took a couple deep breaths and it went away.  I also feel very feverish..Could this be a symptom?
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BABs, my first inkling this time was when i was at the beach, hiking, goiong to look for the wild horses on N. Carolina islands. It WAS hot but I got this horrible dizziness, reeling really. I later got that feverish thing too, your body temp goes up.  I was really early on that island, like 8-9 dpo, seems silly, too early but I almost said out loud, oh my gosh, I'm pregnant. (I started getting heartburn too).

Regarding the mood advice, thanks. I do work right up to bed (grading, emailing) and I shouldn't . I love the candle idea. I too crave my own bed and can't stand my DH even taking up space, I'm such a space hog now and I'm so HOT!. So that's good to hear I'm not a freak--he is getting a wee bit rejected though.  I am going to try to lay low and eliminate external buzz. I did get a haircut and I think I'm gonna go for the foot massage next week. It's not like I ever go out and waste money on bars or heck, lately even dinner (since I can't eat anything!!) I'll just spend it all on massages. THANKS for all the great advice!
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I hope so, I also did something I know I shouldn't have.  I went back into the garbage to retrieve my hpt.  After 1 hour I did see a very faint line and there was a light blue coloring to it.  I know its past its time so 2maro I will have to take another one.
Also, as far as ure mood swings, I have been drinking Sleepytime tea, by Celetial Seasonings. Its caffiene free, it takes good and puts you in a very level mood.( My dh purchased me a tea brewing machine because its helped my mood swings.)
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I get the flu shot every year.  I have heard of it giving people the flu but I dont think that is every common. I think you would be ok if you got it.  They highly recommend it in pregnancy as long as you are in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.  Although alot of people say they have never gotten it and dont plan on getting it cause they are just fine without it.
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