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So I told my OB/GYN that the pill was fluctuating my moods so she said we can insert an IUD.  I'm nervous because I've heard of some crazy stories about it moving.  Can anyone who has an IUD tell me their experience with it?  She was asking if something was going on which would exacerbate the mood swings from the pill and I told her what was going on.  Check this out, she wasn't even surprised.  She's heard of so many stories of men cheating on their wives, especially when they are pregnant.  It's just shocking that family values no longer exist and that this is such a common thing now-a-days.  It's very sad.  But she recommended stopping the b/c pill today and if my mood doesn't change perhaps some anti-depresants.  But honestly, I was handling my emotions a lot better when I wasn't on the pill.  So cross your fingers for me and hope that it was just the pill.  
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Hey, I had an IUD for 11 months. It was great.....except that when I went for my yearly visit my doc could not find my strings. I had to have an ultrasound which showed that my IUD had never been in the right place to begin with. It was completely laying side ways. I had to have mine removed and I am still contemplating getting it put back in. I had the copper IUD and even if it was not doing its job I loved having it in and thinking I was being protected from pregnancy:) I would recommend the copper IUD to anyone looking for long or short term birth control without hormones. I will probably get it put back in because I did love it and I DONT want anymore babies right now. It was much better than having DH wear condoms or me having to take a pill that made me feel like pooo. Good luck with finding out which birth control will work for you. I hope feel better and the mood swings go away.
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I have the Mirena IUD and I love it. No complaints. I have had it for almost a year and prior to my last pregnancy I had an IUD for almost 2 years. Feel free to ask any me any further questions. Sorry about what you are going through with your husband cheating.
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I have the Mirena IUD and I LOVE it. I have had it for almost 20 months. No negative side effects. I do not get a period or even spot on mine so that was weird and took some time to get used to. :)
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mami good question. is it normal not to have a period with iud? why would you not have a period. i am nervous about getting one too. what was recovery time. was it painful getting it in?  how long does it last? how often do you have to get it checked out? lol sorry i just need some form of BC but not able to take pill either  than ~d
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With the mirena you may or may not have a period. With the copper IUD you do have a period. Recovery time was 2 hours (and by recovery I mean that is how long it took for me not to have cramping). It just feels like really bad period cramps when getting it inserted. The copper IUD can last up to 10 years, the mirena I believe last up to 5 years. I only had mine checked once a year. My suggestion to is if you do decide to get an IUD make sure you doctor does an ultrasound to check its placement right after you get it done. My IUD was laying on it side for 11 months because my doctor inserted it wrong. I guess the only thing that was keeping me from getting pregnant was breastfeeding but I really did love my IUD because if it was in there right like it should have been it was so convenient. I never to wonder about a condom or a pill. The mirena is hormonal and the copper is non hormonal, I did not opt for the mirena because I was breastfeeding and even though my doctor said it would be ok I did not want DD to get any hormones through my breastmilk. I would recommend the copper IUD if you dont want or cant do hormonal birth control.
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MAMI!!!!  Did your husband cheat??
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