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OT...but anyone had a b o o b lift or aug or both?

I categorized this in the breastfeeding topic section because it did a number on my girls! (: I just scheduled a consult for a lift and possible fill. Anyone had a lift before? I have no idea what to expect. I'm tired of the saggy girls though. I want the perk back!
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i'm saggy, but the wonderbra can still put them back where they belong :)
i'm scared of what another pregnancy may do to them though.
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I have implants.  I have 525cc's put in.. it HURT like heck.  I would suggest putting them under the muscle, if you can.  It's FUNNY as heck when you flex... they actually jump, like a power lifter.  :)  Mine cost $7500... what is yours running?
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i had a breast reduction in 2000.  so i did the opposite lol but recovery was horrible.  i was sqeamish and made dh change my dressing but i would do it again b/c even after having jett they are still perky. which was a surprise.  just whatever you do, do not let them remove the nipple.  ~d
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I think I am gonna wait until I know I am finished with kids.  Mine are INCREDIBLY small and have even gotten smaller after ds....so I cant imagine having one more what it will do.  Can we just say hanging flaps of skin, literally no tissue!  My stomach is really bad too but I think I would be too afraid to get that worked on.
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ooooh I want a lift too, when I am finished with having babies. Mine already look like slightly shriveled raisins after 13 months of breastfeeding and pumping. I hate to see what baby #2 will do with them (if I have a baby #2).
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My one remaining breast got a nice lift during my reconstruction.  It wasn't reduced, just put back in place to where it was before kids.  Nice job by my doc, only a small scar around the nipple (which gets lighter as time goes on) and a small line underneath the breast.  It REALLY looks just like when I was much younger and before gravity took over!

All in all, after babies and breastfeeding, I think a boob job is definitely in order.  I was lucky, I got a boob job and a tummy tuck all in one swoop!
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I have scheduled a consultation for September 23rd. I have heard the same thing about the nipple but I would love to have my small nips again! I want to see pictures of nipple reconstruction to see what they look like. I was looking at mine in the mirror again last night and they really are not THAT bad because I was a full C cup before I had children. They were quite nice sized and on the larger size. Having 5 children and breastfeeding this last time really made me lose a lot of tissue though. I'm probably about a full B cup now. I just want the perk back. I don't feel sexy, can't wear cute lingerie because my boobs hang lower than where they're supposed to be in it! Bikini's, I spill out of bras and I'm tired of feeling yucky about it. I've finally decided I'm going to do it and feel like a sexy woman again. My tummy isn't bad. I still wear a bikini and don't feel gross in one where my tummy is concerned. Just want nice boobies again (:
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I am interested in a breast reduction. I am so tired of caring around huge boobs. They cause so much pain and not to mention trying to find clothes or a swim suit. I am thankful I was able to breastfeed, but so excited for smaller boobs. Jen-how did you pick a surgeon. I am nervous to find someone good. I don't know anyone who has had any sort of breast surgery to ask for a referral.

Also I have been thinking about you and wondering how Brody is doing at daycare and with sleeping?
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Mine actually look better now after having Ava and breastfeeding.  My fiance' said that they were too high before, and that they have the perfect sag now... I think I agree, now they actually look "real"  :)
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They actually didn't reconstruct the one nipple, just moved it up (maybe trimmed the edges a bit), but didn't actually do anything other than relocate it.  The only thing about the "old" nipple is that it doesn't react...it's always erect.  Don't know if anyone else has the issue...not really and issue, per se.  It's just always erect, no softening like it used to.  Now that may have been from breastfeeding, don't know.

A truly reconstructed nipple is ok, but definitely not real.  :)
Good luck on the consult!  I hope you get your sexy body back!
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i had the head of plastic surgery at johns hopkins do my reduction, and make sure you ask to see b4 and after pictures of their work.  not other drs on their practice =)  ~d
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