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Off topic....steak question? lol

I know this is totally off topic, but I figured who would know best but other moms on which steaks are best for just grilling and eating? Which are tender and not dry? It seems like everything I try isn't very good.I want to grill a lot this summer so I don't heat up my kitchen, and we love steak, but I can't seem to find a good, tender cut I like.
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My favorite is the rib eye. It is a marbles steak which is a nice way of saying it has fat through the meat, but that is what makes it good, juicy and tender.  A good steak has its own good flavor so it doesn't need a lot of seasoning.  Maybe some salt, pepper and garlic.  Also the true trick to a good steak, is to NOT OVER COOK IT. I repeat, DO NOT OVER COOK IT.  You have to keep a close eye on it.  It needs to be tender to the touch. If it feels firm you have probably over cooked it.  
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mmm.... skirt steak... lots of fat keeps it juicy and flavorful
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Can't go wrong with a ribeye!
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i love ny strip or tbone they are both excellent......if cooked right...
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Oh I like the skirt steak too... makes great fajitas.  
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I like NY Strips.  We like to season ours with salt, pepper, garlic, soy sauce, little bit of liquid smoke and some other seasonings.   The above poster is correct in you DO NOT want to over cook your steak.  My husband sears both sides on high for 1 minute and then cooks them on med/low till they are medium.  You can also use steak tenderizer which works great.  Hope your steak turns out great!!!
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Thanks everybody!! See, I knew you'd all come through for me. We are having steak and corn on the cob for dinner tonight!!! :)
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skirt steak ny strip and um filet migon
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We love filet migon (from a butcher shop) on the grill.  They cost a little more but are worth it!
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Definitely Filet mignon or Delmonico. Very tastey and a little pricey!

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