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~*~*~*~Open forum for Thursday~*~*~*~

Here it is ladies have fun.

I wonder how tonia is doing I hope she is enjoying that beautiful baby...
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I'm worried. I had AF for at least 1 week, with bright red flow, and now it's this dark brown spotting that won't quit. I keep thinking it might be over, then I have more spotting. It started out like this too, with dark brown spotting on Feb 14th. I had no cramps either, which is not normal for me. I'm so worried that my hormones are all messed up and it is going to take forever for me to ovulate. Does anyone have an ideas what might be going on?
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Hey do you think there is anyway you could be pregnant cus you can have a dark discharge during pregnancy I know I did well I pray everything is ok and I don't want to get you hopes up just you might try and take a hpt to find out...

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I don't think I'm pregnant because I did have the bright red flow for about a week too. The last time I did a HPT was Feb 13th and it was negative. Then I started with the spotting on Feb 14th, then by Feb 16 it was more like a period, bright red, that lasted until about Monday of this week. So it's been spotty the last two-three days. This is only my second visit from AF since my miscarriage, maybe that is why I'm still messed up. I just get to frustrated and depressed, why can't my body work right??

How are you doing Melissa? How's your little one? Enjoying being a Mommy, what fun, can't wait for my day to come too. How are you doing since your miscarriage? Hope you are doing O.K., it's always hard.
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Just wanted to say hi to everyone! And I hope you are all doing well. Day 4 of spotting with no cramps.  I decided I am going to wait til Monday to see if AF comes before I contact the dr or take a test.
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Has anyone ever experienced spotting near the end of the first trimester and continued with a healthy pregnancy?
I did post this question last week, and Blondie72 was the only response (thanks).
I'm 11 weeks today and have had pinkish spotting last Monday and Wednesday and this Tuesday and today.  I'm not having any cramps, and it seems to disappear by the afternoon.
I've talked to my mid-wife and she doesn't seem too concerned (only if it becomes bright red or if I start cramping).  It would just be very encouraging to hear stories of others that have experienced it and gone on to have healthy pregnancies.
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hey did you read what I posted to kristen I have had that when I was pregnant I was about 5 weeks pregnant or so and had that my pregnancy was beutiful lol so its  probley a discharge cleaning you out makeing it a safe  place for that baby..
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Thanks for the encouragement.  I've read that approx. 25% of women have spotting/bleeding in their first trimester and that half of those go on to have healthy pregnancies, so I'm crossing my fingers. I miscarried last fall at 6 weeks, so any spotting makes me anxious. I was joking to a girlfriend, that since I haven't had morning sickness, heartburn, etc so far, this will be my annoying symptom :)
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Hello Everyone,

I thought I would be able to say something to help my friend out, but surprisingly, I'm at a lost for words.   A  VERY good friend of mine has been trying to get pregnant for about 5-6 years.  She's got PCOS (I think those are the abbreviated initials).  She had a blighted ovum last year (at the same time I did) and this year, we were just delighted to find out that she was only 8 weeks behind me.  We talked about our kids having playdates and staying home together thru the summer.  She already had an ultrasound and they found a heartbeat and looked to be developing normally.  Well, all of a sudden they couldn't find the heart beat.  She just had another ultrasound and the baby stopped developing around 6.5 weeks.  She's scheduled for a D&C on Monday.  I'm at a loss of words.  I want to be there for her, but at the same time, it hurts so bad for her to talk about it.  I don't know what to do.  Any advice?
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Hi Guys!! Just wanted to let everyone know how funny my life is. If I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck. I have been feeling ALOT of pressure the last few days and went to the doctor today. I am 34 weeks and she went ahead and checked me and said his head is very low and my water could break at any time which wouldn't be good right now at all (I am scheduled for a c-section march 24th). The funny thing is she has ordered me off my feet and we are closing on our new house tomorrow and moving this weekend. Guess I will be doing a lot of supervising and pointing!!!! DH says he is about to have a nervous breakdown and thinks he is going to pass out!! LOL So everybody cross their legs for me!! ha ha Ginger
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Im glad to hear you are feeling a little better.  But the blizzard probably isn't helping much.  Luckily here in the windy city we are approaching the 40's.  About ?;"! time!
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I am just answering the whoever has had m/c when and how many...

I have had two with a live birth in between.

First one was lost around week 5 and was horrible. Not to be gross, but I woke up in terrible pain and the bed  looked like a murder scene (sorry, that's a bit graphic, but honest.)

Second m/c was lost in January and I was 7 weeks but the pg had stopped developing sometime in wk 4 or 5. I had mild cramps and period bleeding, nothing too crazy like the first m/c. But my follow up AF was VERY heavy with lots of clots and severe cramps.

I am sorry again for your loss. It broke my heart after such a wonderful weekend for you and your DH.
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Don't worry, there's probably nothing you can do to prevent those very early miscarriages.  Maybe take Prometrium, but even then it's not proven to prevent a m/c.  Most early miscarriages are due to severe chromosomal anomalies and it's probably a blessing as hard as it is to understand.  My mom's OB always told her that you can't shake a good egg.  I know it'll happen for you just be patient.  I'll keep praying for you.
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